DandDClothing Dubai Will Join Steemit! My "Half-My-Family Reunion" Is Also Turning Out To Be A Steemit Expo!

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My meeting with DandDclothing in Dubai went pretty well. I had a level of expectation, strategy and plan, so i won't say i didn't do well. I have never been a marketer neither have i been good at making public speech etc but like i have always regarding steemit growth, it is the level of conviction that you have about steemit that matters most!

 There is no doubt that this is the case!

It took me one year of ups and downs, special moments, testimonies etc on steemit, to strengthen my conviction about steemit to the maximum! You really just can't come on steemit from day one and start to profess true love for steemit; well, except you have been conversant with blockchain technology and have special talents. Even so, you will need more time and interaction with steem etc

 If the love isn't tested then it simply won't last!

In a few days, i will be one year of steemit and i have gathered loads of experience from interactions on steem blockchain and especially, with the steemit community: "a facet of of steemit that can easily be said, to constitute the most power"

Steemit is beautiful and i am convinced of this beyond measure and this is told instantly, when i talk about steemit to others. 

Yes, i have never been a marketer but i talk about steemit, in the most unconventional and practical ways. 

Hahaha, i will not tell you that you will earn SBDs on steemit. Instead, i'll paint a pictures of the rewards and "rewards" can take any form from friendship with me, to personal growth, to SEO for your business, to a community of developers who can bring your ideas to fruition, to bringing publicity to your business without ADs, to playing out your innovation ideas to a community of great minds for free and getting feedback for free etc

My Second Meeting With DandDclothing!

I ended up doing a follow-up meeting with www.danddclothing, like i indicate would take place, in this post:  

How I Spoke With A Potential Steem Investor Here In Dubai And He Offered To Extend My Air Ticket, For Further Steem Talks!!!

I was out to tackle danddclothing as potential investors!

 It became obvious from our very first discussion, that they may really want exposure for their brand as beyond danddclothing, this young CEO, is also into movie production. He had shown me samples of movies he has produced, in Whatsapp chats, prior to visiting one of his Dubai fashion offices yesterday. 

So i came in, highlighting how much beauty stemeit can bring to his business, especially if he invested in some steem power.

Hahaha, it wasn't that easy! If you read the last post, he didn't know too much about blockchain before we met. He knows Instagram & Facebook though! 

In our first meeting, he had spoken of "one coin" and of how a banker is persistently inciting him to get into it!

One chain is a company that professes to be a blockchain!

Basically, i started out discussion there! I had done some research on "one coin blockchain" and most internet resources titled it "scam". It token also not a listed coin on coinmarketcapcom. So i explained this to him, then we went into steemit talks proper, where i tried to explain how steem power works and how steemit will help his brand!

Explaining "investing in steem power" became harder though as overall, this will be his first real interaction with the cryptoworld and blockchain. 

This was expected!

He holds only fiat and the price of steem keeps rising. At the time of our first meeting, the price of steem was around 88 cents but yesterday the price had risen to 1.25. Now we are talking US dollars and imagine telling someone who knows nothing about blockchain and crypto and on the second meeting, to invest 1000000 dollars in cash! It became harder but this was expected. 

If you read my last post, i spoke on worst case scenario. When bringing in a brand, community leader or person on steemit, it is not compulsory that you bring up investment talks from day one, especially if these ones have never held crypto. 

A huge step however, is getting them on steemit and steemit practically handles the rest. I saw the need to invest on steemit on my own over time. I missed the first opportunity to invest when steem was 15 cents. I thought at the time, that steem may go down just a bit from 15 cents, but then it started to rise till it got to 1 USD, at which point, i couldn't invest anymore because, i never had crypto at the time. I only had a bit of fiat at the time.

Not to lose the discussion, we switched into bringing his brand on steemit. To ease onboarding, i was going to pay to open an account for him and leave him his keys and pasword afterward. I explained to him the need for me to pay for his account and how the steem blockchain was bare when it comes to transactions and how he could change his password after i delivered it to him, so he felt at ease. 

He gave me permission for a video of some parts of his office too. I wasn't good with videos, so i had to make some of his staff feel at ease to put them in the short shoot. My sister was there with me, so it helped matters!

 We spoke of his existing pages, like his instagram, facebook, website and of how he can use steemit as an additional showcase board for the constant ongoing action in his enterprise. 

It could be pretty slow but i am happy with results:

DandDclothing will join steemit!

One week of visiting Dubai and i managed to buy out time for this and there is still a few more. Apart from my sisters who are on the way to join steemit, i am still in talks with a dance school CEO in Dubai and a few others. Updates will keep happening!

Onboarding has to be smooth, so i will try to use around 10 steem for every of these steemians but it is worthy gratitude for steemit and its awesomeness!

I Was There!

Your Boy Terry

@surpassinggoogle  Join us on Steemgigs community on discord: https://discord.gg/wWrnSXK

Everyone has something to offer!
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Sounds like you found an excellent opportunity and held on for dear life! From the way you are explaining things it sounds like you nailed it. That is a very impressive and big deal, and sounds like you learned a lot from it as well. You are an amazing example of what happens when one sets their mind to something and goes for it full force.


You know everything. i have one lengthy and intense story. You hear the sound of it!

Looks like your trip was an exciting one! Good luck on these projects @surpassinggoogle. I hooe you are ready for your talk to newbies on Aug 5. :) can hardly wait!


Hahaha funny woman. I am not that bold. I just have the fire and that vision but i stand shy, except in one on one talks but i will try. I see steemit in a really broad way too, so i may sound off-key!


Haha we can do casual speak lang naman in tagalog.mas comfortable to newbies 👍😊

Cool! Please post the account link when you have it.


Yes, i will, it is not yet ready but my next series of post will start to be the few people i will onboard. there is a list and there will be a post as well regarding and just before they get to do their intro posts get ready. It will be a bit slow. It takes a lot of guidance to help some of them with their intro post

So very cool, what a great opportunity, and some amazing photos to top it off!