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Today I customized my very first steemit shirt - too exciting! Lucky me I have got amazing friends :-) One of them works for a company which offers digital printing. He got aware of my 'steemit obsession' and said: 'You should be an ambassador and wear a nicely branded steemit shirt wherever you go.' Oh yes man, I should do that! 

That led me to the question:

Why don´t we have an affiliated 'steemwear' shop (steemit.com/@steemwear) where you can order cool branded fashion items - paying them with steem dollars?

steemwear - The very first steemit fashion label 

I am wondering what to do with my earned steem dollars. If you don´t have any intentions to power down so why not invest them in a steemit integrated business? 

steemit has a very strong community, and merchandising products need a high identification. So I think labelled items could work quite well. 

This is my first customized steemit shirt - already on its way to Canary Islands: 

@username on the backside 

steemit.com reverse channel on the left arm 

steemit logo on the right arm 

I cannot wait to try that on! 

Surely that´s a quite simple 'design'. But considering the current 'steem meme hype' there could be a lot of cool and creative printings done though. 


If there was an afiliated 'steemwear' shop, would you spend some steem $$ on a branded and customized t-shirt?

Marly -

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Agree, a Steem T-Shirt would look Koolio - And it is coming up to Christmas;D~

Nicccce one @franks! Your avatar suits perfectly!!!
Really 'koolio' :)

Why don´t we have an affiliated 'steemwear' shop where you can order cool branded fashion items - paying them with steem dollars?

I think you and your friend should set one up. Cash in on your own ideas and shirt designs! (I suppose you might need Steemit, Inc.'s permission, so you may want to check with them first.)

Wohooo, that wasn´t actually my intention @ats-david :) But maybe it´s something I could think about.

Thank you @goldmatters - that´s too kind. Like your nick btw :)

Be a rule breaker. risk taker. dream chaser.

Love it!

Great idea @surfermarly :) Al final algo saldrá y lo mismo tienes la patente!!! :D

Jajaja, no había pensado en eso aún @wartrapa. Gracias, me alegro que te haya gustado! :-)

A ti Marly por compartir!!!

I like the idea @surfermarly! ..btw if you get this going, feel free to list your items at https://www.peerhub.com as well... ttyl!

Thank you @steemrollin! I know that place, ordered a steemit cap there already :) The idea was actually to have something really integrated like steemit.com/@steemwear.
The steemit shirt offered at peerhub.com can be only payed through paypal. It would be awesome to have a business running here and pay with steem dollars directly.

Hey @surfermarly! Great to hear about your order! Peerhub is focused on Steem dollars so most sellers there are from Steemit and sell for Steem dollars, not Paypal. Most of the transactions so far have been in Steem dollars. Paypal is just an alternative for those that might come from outside Steemit. We're also planning to eventually have an easy checkout so you can make the Steem dollar transfer on checkout rather than do it manually. Anyways I run the website so if you have any questions feel free to ask. .. it's just another option among potentially many others... you can still have a store here on Steemit, an independent online store, a brick and mortar.. use Etsy.. etc. have a good one!

Hey @steemrollin! Thanks for your detailed reply! I answered the guy who sells the steemit shirt (the white shirt with the blue logo) at peerhub and he told me that he only accepted US dollars / paypal. I don´t want to publish a private conversation here, he could feel offended. But you may ask him directly ;-)

No problem. Thanks so much for taking the lead and using your Steem dollars to buy things! It's really important for us to really take advantage of this new money and promote its use. Anyways it's unfortunate that a Steemit user isn't accepting Steem dollars... even for a Steemit shirt..... It could be because the Steem dollar traded at a big discount a while back, but now it trades pretty close to parity so it's hard to understand why.. Anyways I'll try to connect with you via Steemit.chat. I like connecting with those that are using SBD to buy things.. ttyl!