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Could this new Cryptocurrency Social Network become the next Steemit?

Welcome to another Savage Cash Blog, and in today's video I explore whether this new Twitter meets Bittrex has long-term potential.

I also talk about the following:

  • Market Recap (which is outdated since the earlier Market crash)
  • Masternodes update
  • Why I invest in coins under $10
  • Going all in on my #1 Crypto
  • Is Suppoman a shiller?

I hope this video is both informative and entertaining, and introduces you to a new Cryptocurrency that you may not have noticed yet...

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Hi ,
Nice work sir

Steemit will be and stay the best, this concept is so unique, even 90% of the current members don´t understand the big potential and why Steemit is so genius. It´s just a matter of time and everyone knows Steemit. Why you should continue to use Facebook, Instagram etc., when you are getting paid for the same activities on Steemit? :)

Suppoman, Thanks for the video. I am a member of your mastermind group. I have purchased your courses and regularly watch your videos.

Glad you are here on steemit.

Great job. Keept it up.

Thanks For mentioning Our Service. We are constantly working on things. the NTRN node total is a issue with out custom wallet. We are working to resolve it.

Keep the funny intros on youtube coming my friend!