Why sometimes posting on steemit.com is a good idea instead of on other platform

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Today, I came across one column of SteemDB which draws my attention, which is the beneficiaries which states which account is taking beneficiary from your post. I will share about the details of each app, and the percentage of beneficiaries they have taken from user.

Disclaimer: These app are amazing, and I am constant user of some of them. However, sometimes it would be a good idea to stick back to steemit.com .

Steem Blockchain App

After a day of research, I came out with this result. Apparently, @busy.org and @dlive is not taking beneficiary from the user.

For example, your pending payout was $10, if the beneficial account took 10%, your final total payout will be $9. Which haven't deduct the curator reward.

PlatformBeneficial AccountPercentage

If you think that you do not need to use these platform, you can avoid using it for certain post, and post it directly on steemit.


[Steepshot website]

I would say steepshot is an instagram clone which is available on Android and iOS.

According to Steepshot website, Steepshot is a platform that rewards people for sharing their lifestyle and visual experience built on the basis of Steem blockchain.


[DMania Website]

I would say DMania is 9GAG clone for steem.

According to DMania website, DMania is a platform that let you make money with memes, funny pictures and videos.


ESteem website

ESteem is a mobile version for steemit.com.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 7.15.21 PM.png


[SteemKR website]

SteemKR is a Korean version of steemit.com

According to SteemKR website, Steemkr is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content.


[Zappl website]

Zappl is a Twitter clone on steem blockchain.

According to Zappl website, Zappl is a micro-blogging site that run off decentralized technology.


[DTube website]

DTube is a YouTube clone on steem blockchain.

According to DTube website, D.Tube is the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network.


[Utopian website]

Utopian is a reward system for open source contributors. I personally had been using Utopian for a long time, and they really help me for my open source contribution.

According to Utopian website, Utopian uses the Steem blockchain to reward Open Source contributors.


[ChainBB website]

I would say ChainBB is a forum style of steemit.com .

According to ChainBB website, ChainBB is an experimental forum build on top of the Steem blockchain.


I would say all these apps are amazing and I had been using more than half of them. However, if you think that some of your post does not require their services, you can always post on steemit website.



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Yes, you are right, and many people don't know about beneficiaries.
Some time ago I published an infographic in order to be clear with these concepts.

In particular, I use utopian-io because if your work is good they can give you a very good vote!

Very good post. We need more education.


That's a cool infographic! I also use utopian-io a lot too, really grateful for their upvotes, this really helps to grow developers.

10-25% seems fair considering that those platforms also give high upvote posts to good contents. You're only losing if you are using too much bidding bots.


Thanks for your feedback. I do agree that some of this platform are amazing, and i had been using half of them.

The reason why i am using bidding bot is that i wanted to try out how it works. Might write a post about it later.


No worries. Almost everyone is using one. There are a few upsides in using upvote bots. Increase visibility, a way to increase SP and somehow earn a few SBDs to name a few.

Great info! Glad to see busy doesn't take a percentage... as I only use busy other than steemit.com. Thanks for sharing, @superoo7! :)


Another good thing about busy is that they give you upvote once a day haha

You got a 37.04% upvote from @inciter courtesy of @superoo7!

You got a 50.00% upvote from @redlambo courtesy of @superoo7!

@superoo7 Based on your research, it looks like DTube and Utopian deduct the most from their users.

Also, DSound is already launched. Maybe you should include it too :)


Yea, DSound took 25% also.

good research ... this is one way where developers or project owners are able to fund their own costs for servers and additional expenses. it makes steem to be a viable platform to use and to develop on. users has the right to choose either to go direct thru steemit or thru these other applications


I do agree that this is one of the way that developers fund the project. So, this is more like a "Guideline" for user to reconsider using some of this platform.

Wow, never knew that there were that many platforms. Does take time to familiarize with each of the platforms.


You should try some of them, it is really cool for some of these project.

Nice research, thanks for the write up @superoo7. Hopefully busy.org maintain 0%, I like their UI the most..


Thansk Aaron. I also like Busy project so far. I also hope that they maintain 0%.

Sooner or later these new platform will overtake the old one since it paid better.

I believe developers have to eat too.

Very informative post. I was wondering if I can prevent steepshot to also post on steemit? I would prefer to keep both stream separated.