Cannabis lottery-win 5g quality buds🌴🌹😨

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Hello everybody☺
I want to thank all of you steemians for reading and following my blog. Steemit is a wonderful platform and I just love it here. I believe deeply in this network and looking forward seeing how it will develop.

Soo, I want to do something fun. I wish it was possible for me to send all of you people a little taste of my garden of Eden, but it's not...
So I'm going to send one of you amazing steemians 5 grams of quality buds by your choice.
All you have to do:

1 upvote this post

2 comment bellow which strain will you prefer(white, pineapple or jack)

3 resteem one of my other post from the last week


In 7 days from now, I will announce the happy lucky winner. The winner can send me his address or email and I will contact him☺

The price can be replaced with 2 sbd for people that lives in dark stats.

Thank you very much, stay tuned💜


man love me some jock horror, but i guess white bruh

Best. Lotto. Ever! i would vote for pineapple but i live in france so it would be a waste, i would rather someone gets to toke that up! looks loooovely :)

Thank ☺you can participate and win 2sbd instead.

i know but i wouldn't want someone to not win bud if i win the sbd instead..

Someone is going to blaze it no nug left behind!


Jack straight up plz! just like my Jack Daniels :D

I would love a fellow Steemian to be my caregiver!
Could I have a mix of of WW and Pinnapple? Of your wonderful Medicine??? If not
your the gardener. .choose for me..the plants seem to trust do I;)
Ps is it jack H?
Voting...and resteemed

same same, i want this combo! Gd choice :)

Pineapple! 💚

I always love Jack.

Jack of course. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Following everyone who commented if I didn't already following! Voted shared and fun!!

Pineapple I mean really who wouldn't want pineapple

As a fellow canna-enthusiast, and as CA native, I say bless someone who truly has restricted access.

With that said, I would favor the white widow over the the other two. In my experience as a consumer, white widow (that's what I assume we're discussing) has exactly what my cannabinoid receptors desire, and what my taste buds have grown to love and seek out.

Keep up the righteous work my friend.
Happy Steeming and happy blazing to all!

I'm down I tried this once... Things fizzled kinda but awesome idea!

Blaze it!

I am in Canada so we don't wanna go messin around with shippin across borders. White Widow would be the preference. but if I win the SBD will suffice. Resteemed, Upvoted, also resteemed another post from a few days ago. Thanks for sharing!

Well, kind sir - the pineapple is what i prefer 🙃

Haha nice idea!xD i would prefer jack if i would win. Your plant Looks really healthy

Amazing! Pineapple it is 😊

I can only resteem posts from this week I hope thats fine

It's so hard to choose from because all your plants look so beautiful and delicious. I'd like the pineapple. Please pick me

Awesome! Lets get Jack!

Oh god, don't let my followers find out about something like this I'll never hear the end of it, haha. Illegal right? I can't do that.

Hi! this is so great, ur buds look so tasty....Is your pineapple, indica dominate? the pineapple OG is sativa and there's kush, i believe is indica, correct me if wrong or just pineapple. Basically i'd like to try pineapple if its indica but I absolutely love WW, can you send half and half? LOL I probs won't win this but still a fun an exciting competition!

i'll take White Widow cos there less ppl voting for that maybe i got better chance of winning that one :)