HEY.. Steemers..! Day 2 on steemit... and...

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It's definitely been a learning experience!
But, I am determined to figure it all out! In the mean time, I've been scrolling, upvoting, commenting.. and of course as expected not a lot of activity on my "introduction" blog, I guess. I am actually kind of surprised at the lack of response from other steemers, which then makes me start to doubt how steemit will even be a great thing.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I am a minnow still only on day #2, and Im hoping that one of these days I'll be thinking differently. One of the reasons I came here was not just for writing, but for the social interaction; yes, I like to socialize, and making a little money on the side.. where can I go wrong, right? I already have a job, I am an surgical tech. In Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (that was a mouthful..huh..?), I get my gloves bloody with the surgeon, and I have seen some nasty stuff, smelled some nasty smells, and seen some pretty bad jaw fractures! And, let me just say that blood, stinks!! ;o So, anyways.. ahaha! The money from steemit is just a bonus. So, come tomorrow we shall see where my steemy journey takes me!


Welcome to Steemit and good luck @sugarlillyjes

Thank you very much! :)

Just keep on reading the original content you like, upvote and comment. When you start posting, you will be receive very little upvotes or comments, but it will change.

You're a baby minnow and tons of minnows like you, so use the tag minnowsunite, and you'll receive upvotes from minnows and some minnows can throw $.01.

Im following you now. Best of Luck.

Awesome! Thanks for the tip, I will definitely do that! :) I appreciate your feedback.

Don't get discouraged. My first week was tough. Check out what other people are posting to find your personal niche. If you post good and relative content it will all come together for you. Be patient.

Thank you! :) I appreciate your feedback!

i m a newbie here on day #2 and i hope you have a great future in here ! i still have mixed feelings about the site cause i usually get involved with only photos site but still , i decided to try it for something new and different from what i usually do ... wish you a great start and greetings from Greece :)

Well, thank you.. :) And welcome to steemit to you as well, and may you also find success, and all that you're looking for too!

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