Are You In The Right Group Of People To Get Somewhere In Life ? Hmmmm

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Hello, Steemit friend


I am sure you have heard of the terms “You are the company you keep”. It’s been shown that a person is the average of the five people they spend most time with. I personally think my group of friends and I are nothing alike but as I think about it deeply, we do tend to be similar in numerous ways and random aspects ........for better or for worst.

Today, I won’t be talking about what kind of friends you should surround yourself with but rather what group of people. Let’s say Steemit here, we are as a matter of fact, members of a group.


Networking is so important these days and here are some reasons why.....

Beneficial Facts Of Joining With Groups.

Focused and Motivated

Push you to achieve your goals, Groups can help you keep on track and enable you to think bigger. As here, we encounter varieties of countries, interests and opinions. Ideas are flown all around to be captured.

Get Feedback

Feedback will be given to help you correct your course. A large amount of comments to monitor through and views to be reflect upon. Some will be waste but with many, you will create a sense of encouragements, security and trust to keep you going on.

Help Others

While many are participating some yet to explore this wonderfulness but a person will find great satisfaction in helping other. “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want” Zig Ziglar.

Discover New Opportunities

All Kind of doors will open for you. You might be rolling your eyes here but I never thought I would write but here I am. An opportunity did presents itself to me and there might as well to you in so many ways.

Another important point is that you don’t have to surround yourselves with saints but with good people.

Your Surroundings

The Ones Who Love Life

Get into a group where people have a positive attitude and grow a relationship with people who gives you inspirations.

The Ones Who Challenges You

If you want to raise your game, you need to have people around which challenges you and ask you some tough questions.

People Who Listens

They are the hardest to find but these people want to know more about you. They will ask questions and listens closely to your answers. They are powerful forces reaching their hands out to help.

What you get out of groups will be a function of what you put into it. It is important to be a good citizen and a contributor. Remember that a group is about everyone as a whole and not just one person. Now as you finished reading this, How do you feel that you are here right now reading this post as a member here on Steemit ?, I think I see a smile there. . All of the above presented qualities which represents Steemit. If however you don’t think alike, you need to spend more time here and explore what this platform is all about. I’ll see you there soon, I know it  Keep up the good work everyone.

I hope You enjoy this post guys

I always deeply appreciate your comments, upvotes and share.

Much Love, Suzana


That’s what I’m talkin about! Surround yourself with people that you want to become 💖


We have to think about the right group.

As always well written. As you mentioned people who will actually listen or who are interested in knowing something about you are very hard to find these days. Those might be the keepers

Thank you so much !!! Yes, many are just blah blahers who judge people and dont know how to listen. luckily, most of us have big heart and that counts more than anything else.

That is what I'm talkin about! Encircle yourself with individuals that you need to wind up 💖

It's sound Good but little Confucius ???

hahaha I apologize if this confuses you in any ways. Please tell me how so ? :)

@suerisue 1st of all i like to congrats you for sharing such a nice post for those people they don't know the power of bunch of people (GROUPS) well done and keep sharing these types of post good luck :)

Thank you so much !!

Good company will open doors to new avenues. You learn much from them too.

I normally like to associate with God fearing people. They normally impact on you positively. You must have similar interests too

Just by putting yourself out there, to something new is already a step. With the right surrounding, It might change your life.

Very true. Birds of a feather flock together

Good post Are You In The Right Group Of People To Get Somewhere In Life nice

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Hey... I like this post... Its Really Great!!

Before steemit to be honest, I'm a dork. My friends is just 7 but everything changes on steemit. Here I have hundreds near to thousand friends.

Congratulations :)

Excellent post thanks for sharing @suerisue !

Yeah great post about the group , The right group of people take you or get you on right path of life.

Couldn't agree more. Get with a group to push u forward and works together the same direction.

yes very much so !!!

Great post! Agree with you! Followed

I have been a loner all my life and as i look back at people that i did hang out with or could have been in certain groups that things would have most definetly been different snd most likely for the better. Great pist, thank you for that...

I agree with you! As we surround ourselves with more people with projections, or are a member of a group of people who have our interests, some common goals, we will get a positive environment and we could help each other and support each other to achieve many things

This was such an amazing read. I definitely agree with all of the benefits of joining groups, especially the discovering new opportunities and feedback. I think if a person surrounds themselves with the right people, it can contribute greatly to their success!

Agreed with everything you said !!! :)

One should consider people representing people like what you want to become, and not what you are comfortable with. however. . . if the two are the same you are a very lucky person.

Life is an endless road of exploring :)... I don't know yet what i want to become, I dont think any of us know that exact answer. That is what makes life so beautiful.

Wow as I read this it was brilliant, it relates to me because at work I work as a team and recently me and someone else have not been talking but as you says it's a group and where surrounded with each other everyday. Thanks you learned me something today neither did I think I would write! :-) but here I am too trying my best. Thanks for the inspiring kind post!

Keep up the good work !!! :)

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That super man post was one of a kind!!!

And Steemit is one of the many tools to help you surround yourself with loving, grateful and open-minded beings.

Peace, Love, Gratitude

A platform filled with endless possibilities !!

You are the company you keep, the books you read, and the people you emulate. Environmental conditioning plays a big part in your success.

Great post :)

Nice post...where to find great groups on steemit though? Sorry, I'm a newbie on here so I need as much guidance as I can get

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