This Train Has No Brakes - Full $TEEM Ahead! - Overnight 15%

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Yup, did it again! Another growth spurt. About 15 % in 24hrs folks. I am going to get some more STEEM on @poloniex My Goal is to reach 1000 STEEM POWER. I will explain why on my next write up. In the mean time, here are the numbers.
24Hrs later
Full $TEEM Ahead!
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If this rate keeps up, in 30 days should have close to 200,000 users.
FYI everyone!

Soon this figure will be more than 1billion

Very nice information. THANK YOU, from the Vikings in Norway.
Go get your 1000 STEEM, and tell us more.
Have a nice day all of you, each and everyone.

Excellent post!

Keep up the good work!

Thats the perfect timing to invest: The combination of falling prices and gaining adoption!

Thanks for posting this. Where do you get the figures from?

go to , it's the explorer for It shows you what I call the back end.

Thanks for that @cryptoctopus Much appreciated Like you have no Idea.
Full $teem Ahead!