STEEM ADS - Making Cents of It - Coming Soon?

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Madison Ave. - A One Way Street

Advertising for business has been around for thousands of years but it wasn’t until the Modern Age that advertising became a powerful force. With the advent of technologies such as radio, newspaper, television and even cable television, the power of advertising was unleashed by companies looking to expand their reach beyond local markets. This new form of advertising via mass media in turn created very powerful advertising firms. In the United States, many of these companies had offices in New York City on the one way street known as Madison Avenue.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the balance of advertising power began to shift with the arrival of the Internet. Although the “Internet” had been around for quite a while, it wasn’t until PC’s became household items that the Internet and the World Wide Web really took off. This new virtual frontier allowed new advertising companies to challenge Madison Ave for advertising dollars. Yahoo and Google were among some of the key players to rend away this one way money flow from Madison Ave with the power of the Internet and the Multi-Directional Information Super-highway.


If It Makes Cents, Then It Makes Sense

Advertising Budgets have mostly forsaken printed media, and radio ad dollar spending is also dwindling. TV and Cable TV advertising budgets are still surviving the cut, but the heydays are over. The new advertising kings are here.

Everyone knows Google, the King of Search, but not many realize Google is a behemoth when it comes to advertising. They changed the Internet ad game with their Google AdWords Pay per Click system. They might not have been the first, but they are now certainly the biggest with revenues in the $75 Billion US Dollars range, and most of it coming from its advertising business model. Facebook and now Instagram are allowing advertising on their Social Media platforms. Facebook has allowed businesses to now market to their Facebook followers as well as to target specific demographics within the users of Facebook. Instagram too has recently allowed business to post advertisements in the timeline of its users. Even has ads on their site as well. The income from these advertisements in not negligible and can be used for many different purposes. For now, that stream of revenue returns back to the already wealthy investors or corporate officers of these companies. The users of these social media platforms receive none of it.


There is a Scent in the Air….

The winds of change have been blowing hard as of recent, bringing with them fresh new ideas and memes. The one way street of Madison Ave. has been paved over by the Information Super Highway. Dollars that once went to New York corporate headquarters and big wigs of these Ad companies now finds its way into the coffers of some of Silicon Valley's biggest online companies. Social Media has transformed the advertising landscape.

Now STEEM is on the horizon looking for its zenith. As it begins its ascension I am sure that the STEEM TEAM will be approached by many potential suitors looking to capitalize off of STEEMIT.COM and its success. Amongst these I am sure will be advertisers looking to market to the STEEMIT user base. There is a lot of money to be spent and to be made in advertising. If the STEEM TEAM were to structure this properly with the consent of the STEEMIT user base, this could be a win on two fronts.

Although this is all just food for thought, we can at least begin the dialogue about future STEEMIT endeavors. Advertising, being one to those possible endeavors, will be a hotly contested and debated topic. If advertising were to be allowed, It could be structured to the benefit of the STEEMIT community as well as the Crypto-Economy in general. Advertisers, possibly voted for and rated by the community, could be forced to use crypto-currency to pay for the ads, and that same revenue could be used to further STEEMIT progress as well as returned to the STEEMIT user community or any other supported ideas. The companies who advertise products on STEEMIT.COM could also be forced to accept STEEM as a form of payment as part of a deal to allow them to advertise to the STEEMIT user base. Thus crypto-currencies such as STEEM could become ubiquitous in the daily lives of the growing STEEMIT Crypto-Economy.



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Hi! I like your topic because I wrote a proposal to increase demand for Steem.

But aren't a lot of us enjoying this platform because is is all content, zero advertising?

If there is ever an ad on here I am gonna flag that $&@$ so fast.

@jsteck I don't like ads anymore than the next person. But they are a necessity of business. That being said, what if these ads paid you @jsteck a little bit for allowing some form of ads? And what if that little that you received was accepted as a form of payment to buy the stuff you saw in the ads? We don't have to have ads here, it is just an idea. Facebook went years without ads, but now they do have them.

What if our ratings and reviews -- which we currently GIVE to companies for free -- replaced ads and instead of buying our attention companies had to earn it? That's one of my favorite aspects of this whole cool thing.

@jsteck , like I said in the article, this is all food for thought. But in the future, when there are 5 Million or 1o Million Steemit users, it would make sense to advertise, and use that money to reward all the contributors and curators, as well use the money to further expand the STEEMIT reach. But That is a few years away, but who knows, it could be sooner than that.

2-3 Image ads doesn't bother me specially if I'm getting paid to see this.
Maybe an option to enable/disable ads and option how many ads to display, if enable users will earn on it.

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