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Yes we can and just see...the magic has just started. It will go beyond 10.

Thank you and Have a great day.

you know it my dude!!!!!!!

The trend has just set in bull mode and the space for steem is much much higher from here.


Yeh reallyy...hold on yours will definatly grow high in this year...

Yes, we can!

STEEM was 0.8 usd 45 days back and now well above 6 usd. SO this is the power of STEEM @stray.

Thank you....steem on and stay blissful....

The rise is started it has long way to go ;)

HODL it's just the beginning!


We will soon get higher, remember to buy a tank lol...

Anyway the BitconnectX ICO sold out at $50 pr coin and $13 million raised in the first day/window... I didnt get in, I will try to get in with $1200 this midnight...

The Wierdest ICO ever, we dont know what it is, just handing them our money because Bitconnect went so well..

I am expecting 10x or 100x in a short time or atleast in 2018 from this investment

Keep it up.