To Dan, Ned, the witnesses and to everyone invested in this platform. To save Steemit, this is what you should do:

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Steemit's flaws :

  1. One of the flaws can be witnessed here, and makes this post less comprehensible than its source text:
    This automatic parsing of text, which destroys the numbering and other formatting attributes.
    You should better read it through or or something like them.
    I can read it properly in the editing window, but not in its posted format.

solution: leave text as is and parse URLs only.

  1. Content is unerasable - wastes space and bandwidth
    solutions: 1.1. a special large enough majority of miners/witnesses should be able to vote on deletion

  2. Storage and bandwidth depletion due to Too many spammers
    2.1. Deletion
    (maybe by a jury chosen by some elected council or by the witnesses, maybe by moderators appointed by such a council or by the witnesses , but immutability of the blockchain is a death sentence to its longer term usability)
    2.2. Spread by invitations with limited amount per person with a slow recharge
    2.3 policing bots - mainly downvoting bots, like @cheetah, and @blacklist-a but more agressive.
    2.4* & 3.1.
    Every action should have a fee to make it economical
    and either there should be no delegation .
    and even the mere signing in will either require to irreversibly invest in delegated stake, or removal of semi-delegated stake will cause account to be deleted, or freeze.
    ,OR, There will be delegation like now, of an unsellable stake.
    This will also fight spam
    2.4.1 & 3.1.1 : Posting after the first post, or a constant amount of free posts quota will cost a fee.
    When posting have a cost, no spam will last.
    First post or posts will have a big impact on the future of a poster, and will increase visibility since the amount of posts will drop
    All content by each user past his first one or few posts will be promoted content, and this will also help maintain the reward pool, which will not grow out of inflations, but rather out of fees such as transaction fees, promotion fees and other fees.

However, users should still be able to benefit out of curation, and downvoting should be positively rewarded as well.

Also, you or your hired developers decided to censor content not containing a link to a picture or to a video.
This forces participants to act like spammers and waste bandwidth, time and space by adding links to graphic content, even in cases when it is unnecessary.
It makes this place "meme"-oriented, and lowers its level of content quality.

  1. STEEM Currency is inflationary
    3.1. delegated stake (initial unsellable and untransferable) created fiat, but all sellable and transferable derived from fees.
    2.4* & 3.1.
    Every action should have a fee to make it economical
    This will be so deflationary, that the platform will become for rich only and will demand . and there will be no delegation . and even the mere signing in will either require to irreversibly invest in delegated stake, or removal of semi-delegated stake will cause account to be deleted, or freeze. .

    This will also fight spam

  2. Not a passive source of income -
    Has a deadline for rewards once a post is posted.
    solution : Author rewards unlimited with time , received immediately or 24 or 48 hours once an upvote has been made at the same time when the voter gets his curation rewards.
    New curators can always vote as long as the post has not been deleted.

Otherwise: Youtube and Dailymotion will remain a better source of lasting passive income and people will know that unless their content is anti establishment, uploading to youtube and/or dailymotion is just better than to dtube.

  1. Powering down - redemption of STEEM / Steem-Power takes too long.
    Solution : Make it immediate.

Otherwise: many people will stay timid and refrain from investing in Steemit.

/ flaws ;

Prior to this post becoming immutable, I will most probably keep editing, correcting and improving it.

I may upload a revised version of this post in the future with added problems I discovered or improved solutions and explanations about the 'what if not' (what if my suggestions will not be acted upon)

I do not want to take your share of the platform from you: Founders and creators deserve a lion's share.
I do not have the knowledge, the tenacity, nor the resources to fork, so I give you my solutions for free, since you had a very good idea, but it is doomed to fail due to negligence of some of the details.
This is not a guarantee about my future actions.

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Why not, I will interject in my own post, off topic to some degree, but who or what decided to destroy my Steemit future by doing this to me? (search for the word undelegate):
or "steem undelegate" if you prefer it in two words instead of one.
I did post a question about it in the past, and it was ignored as well.

Yet even scarier, is that @mediamonarchy's SP was at 28 the first time I checked, and the next time it changed to 14.5 and it happened after the steem delegate 14.5 that is posted on his profile.

Someone or something stole my delegated steem-power and it happened to him in another way with no notification about it.

I am new to Steemit and dont really have the technical expertise to determine if your conclusions are accurate or not. I do however see problems both trivial and potentially catastrophic for the long term growth of the community... That being said, I was drawn to Steemit and have stayed with it because this is like no other social media platform in existence. Everything about it is unique and original - as with all new ideas, it could require changes as time goes on... Great post - will definitely follow...


Steemit is a very good idea, but it also has flaws, and this post's aim is to fix these flaws.
Immutable blockchain social networks with no posting fees are all doomed to fail.