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RE: ‘Tis a good day to buy some Steem!👍

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Did it turn beneficial?
I know STEEM rose in USD terms, but IDK about Monero.
You could convert your received SBDs to STEEM.
I believe this is the best voting service currently available, possibly ever, and my wallet backs my words.
An affordable service, and one in which the owner does not buy out the customers by using it for self voting.
I will keep buying votes here whether you power down, or up, or neither.


Yes it did work out as of now. I just wanted to get as much Steem Power as possible and try to run a good robot. I really appreciate the positive feedback. I will be putting the service on a Virtual server soon so there is less chance for service interruption. I also have a friend who will help me add more SP within the next couple days. I was considering looking for outside investors but will keep it grass roots for now and try to provide a good service. I will continue to reinvest the bids into the bot to help it grow. Thank you very much for the support!

Instead of you, I would have powered down now and exchanged back to Monero, to profit the other way.
Once you profit the other way, you are able to convert again, and power up again.
While you wait for your trade to succeed, you can still increase your SP by:

  1. just waiting and the interest on the vests slowly grows your SP
  2. curation rewards and author rewards on announcements, reports, etc.
  3. reinvesting a part of SBD funds into SP, while using the rest for electricity bills or outsourcing the service, and/or other uses of your liking.

So it seems a good opportunity to power down!

I agree, the only problem is it takes 3 months to power down.

This is a part of why STEEM is a bad currency to invest in, so you should still power down.
Also, 3 months is for a full redemption, but you start seeing your STEEM after 1 week.

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