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RE: Never Hold on to SBD! They Are Being Devalued At 583.8% Annually (48.65% Per Month).

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So you think that SBD will return to 1 USD, while STEEM will continue growth? Aren't their prices connected? That's a lil bit unlogical, because income is generated in SBD, and not in STEEM, or I have smth wrong understood?


SBD are nothing more than Steem wrapped in a smart contract. The rewards are calculated in Steem and then converted to SBD and Steem Power.
At the blockchain level 1 SBD is always worth 1 USD (based on the witnesses price feed for Steem). The market price is just speculation. Eventually there will be so much Steem Dollars that the supply will overtake the demand and the market price will follow suit...or maybe not (crypto markets are crazy sometimes).

Agreed @onthewayout

The one thing we can be sure about when it comes to crypto is we can only speculate what might happen : )

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