Yesterday we saw 141,950 Daily Transactions on Steemit. This represents 7 out of the last 7 days at +100,000. What is 100,000..!!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Days to the Moon in 100,000 steps..!!

Yesterday we saw 141,950 Daily Transactions on Steemit. 

This represents 7 out of the last 7 days at +100,000..!! 

Yesterday I blogged this....

Daily Transactions have seen +100,000/day in 6 out of the last 7 days.

So what is 100,000 Transactions..!!

First of all do not underestimate the sheer size of this number of Transactions considering this is in just ONE DAY.

Daily Transactions are all transactions on the BLOCKCHAIN.

These include, but not limited to: Posts, Comments, Votes, Payments, Withdrawals.... on other words every single Transactions / Change to the BLOCKCHAIN.

100,000 of anything repeated on a daily basis is an enormous amount of data and this is not to be underestimated.

384,400 km to the Moon..!!

Just to put it into perspective what 100,000 is, here is something to think about.

It is 384,400 km to the moon.

The Empire State Building is 1,450 ft. So if you laid out 100,000 of them that would be 145,000,000 ft, or 44,196 km.

You would have to repeat this only 9 days to reach 397,764 km..!!

Doesn't sound a lot I guess.

What would have happen if you repeated the same with a Boeing 747.

The 747 is 232 ft. So if you lined up 100,000 of them that would be 23,200,000 ft, or 7,071 km.

You would now have to repeat this in 55 days to reach 388,905 km..!!

Still not convinced, OK. Let's try it with a Jaguar XKR.

The Jaguar is approx 15 ft. So if you lined up 100,000 of them that would be 1,500,000 ft, or 457.2 km.

In order to get to the moon you would have to repeat this in 841 days to reach 384,505 km..!!

I think the penny might be dropping for some. Now let's do the same with a Dollar Bill.

A Dollar Bill is 6.14 in. To get to the moon with 100,000 at a time by lining them up that would be 614,000 inches per day or 51,167 ft, 15.6 km..!!

You would have to repeat this 24,641 days to reach 384,400 km..!!

100,000 is a MASSIVE achievement

So the next time someone tells you 100,000 Transactions on DAILY BASIS is not a lot tell them to walk to the moon and ask them to count their steps..!!

This is a great Milestone for STEEMIT and one that should not be underestimated.

Here are the Daily Transactions for the last 7 days including yesterday remarkable  141,950..!!


Mon-06-Feb-17 = 105,063 

Tue-07-Feb-17 = 109,426 

Wed-08-Feb-17 = 107,620 

Thu-09-Feb-17 = 110,544 

Fri-10-Feb-17 = 108,670 

Sat-11-Feb-17 = 130,647 

Sun-12-Feb-17 = 141,950 

Thanks again for reading.


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Is it possible to see what part of those transactions were done by bots and what by humans. It would be interesting to know


I am not worried about the split and don't focus on a split between human/bots. Its irrelevant. The system is the system and bots and humans are measured 1:1. I hear so much about the bot/human weighting and I just smile. Without humans it's not worth anything and without bots its not worth anything and so they are both as IMPORTANT as each other. Stephen


I see

what do transactions mean? like posts or like selling and buy steem?


ALL Transactions. Everytime the Blockchain is verified, validated and changed/updated. Stephen

It's very interesting post!!I like your job ..
Thank you for sharing :)


You are very welcome. I just wanted to share the enormous achievement Steemit has made my hitting this +100,000 repeated Daily Transaction milestone. Stephen

It's impressive if you consider most new crypto currencies since bitcoin this early on with context on what it's used for. Few in the first year had a productive use and that many transactions.


Totally agree. Dan mentioned the last time I talked about this when I shared Steemit/Steem was hitting an average of +93,000 a day that Bitcoin was only x3 more and look at what that's worth. <$40m is a joke really. This has to be at least >$350m with this sort of number of transactions. Stephen

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Interesting, love it!


Thank you. I appreciate that. Stephen