Why STEEMIT has the potential to become a $500billion Social Media Powerhouse leaving Facebook in the dark..!!

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The BEST of the BEST..!!

STEEMIT really does have the potential to become a $500billion Social Media Powerhouse leaving Facebook in the dark. Here's how..!!

Facebook currently has approximately 1.6 billion users and a market cap of approx $375billion.

This equates to approx $230 per user valuation, meaning that each user is worth $230 to Facebook.

Most people on Facebook are there to chat, share, like or dislike things that are happening within their circle of friends.

“.....went for a meal last night..!!”

“.....did you see the match on tv..?”

“.....what are you doing tonight..??”

They also predominately use it to share photographs that in most instances have no real value to anyone else but the poster.

Facebook derives it value from revenue generated by the distribution of huge amounts of data captured for demographic marketing as oppose to the misconception that it is advertising revenue generated.

In simple terms Facebook provides nothing more than a snapshot of what people like and regurgitates information that is already known..!!

Step in STEEMIT.

STEEMIT is something totally different..!!

STEEMIT is a blogging platform that rewards content and this has very POWERFUL POTENTIAL.

Let me explain..!!

Let’s say for argument sake STEEMIT has a community of 16 million approx 1% of the number of Facebook user, but in that 16 million are the World’s TOP 100,000 most intelligent, bright, smart, clever, brilliant, ingenious, knowledgeable people in all subjects including: Economics, Finance, Affairs, Innovation, Creation and Education, all writing, blogging and sharing some of the BEST content available in the World, what would this be worth..??

I am talking the BEST of the BEST..!! Quality information NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else..!!

As technology innovation moves on there will always be something that comes along that will re-order what is already available and STEEMIT has the potential of doing this, by allowing for the FIRST TIME EVER some of the BEST of the BEST to have their work valued.

If Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell, Sandford Fleming and Richard Feyman were all alive today creating and posting their new ideas on STEEMIT what would it be worth..??

$500 billion all of a sudden sounds very CHEAP..!!

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Interesting insight, and totally agree.


Thanks I appreciate your comment. Now following and looking forward to reading your posts. I joined STEEMIT a few weeks ago and I have seen a remarkable increase in the quality of posts and replies. It truly is an amazing concept. You can also catch us Twitter✔. Cheers. Stephen


Thank you Stephen, I also look forward to reading your posts here. Cheers!

100,000 of the best writers would be great, but I don't think we need nearly that many for Steemit to shake things up. Great post!


Thanks for the comment I appreciate it. The 100,000 was just give an idea of the point i wanted to get across. Thanks for the support . Following and looking forward to reading your posts. Cheers. Stephen

Not only do we get exposed to the best of the best in every field possible but the general Joe Soup out on the street gets a shot at becoming an author too. We develop our writing skills or improve our English too. We get exposed to so many cultures here from which we can learn a great deal. Here our opinion matters by us curating content. Even though we might not gain financially we do gain in other aspects. Thank you for a great article. Good luck!


Thanks for the comment and support I really appreciate it. Following and looking forward to your posts. Stephen

You make really great points! The value of information is boundless in the right situation.


Thanks Martin I really appreciate it. Stephen