Steemit to "Hard Fork" in December..!!

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Credit: cryptocoinsnews

I have just read this article in cryptocoinsnews and thought I would share it.

All credit to cryptocoinsnews for the content.

Credit: cryptocoinsnews

For the ones unfamiliar with a "Hard Fork" this should help a little.

Credit: investopedia

STEEMIT is still very much in the development stages but I have every confidence that this platform is set to be the ENVY of other CENTRALISED PLATFORMS.

Tomorrow I will post a presentation showing the difference between existing Centralised Social Media Platforms supported by SHAREHOLDERS, and STEEMIT where in essence the CONTENT PROVIDERS are the SHAREHOLDERS..!!

Thanks for reading.


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Nice post! I will say that this hardfork has me very excited. With the reward pool being changed, and power down schedule reduced, I see a decrease in steem price. This isnt a bad thing for us who are long. It will be very interesting to see how everything shakes out in the coming months.

Hold and stay long!


"Hold and stay long!" NAILED IT IN ONE. I'm here for the long run.. 5-7 years...!! Stephen


StephenPKendal Stephen P Kendal tweeted @ 29 Nov 2016 - 00:24 UTC

Steemit to "Hard Fork" in December..!! #BLOCKCHAIN #SocialMedia #CryptoCurrency #GameChanger #Steemit @Steemit… /

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AWESOME..!! Thanks for the support. Following. Stephen

Thanks for sharing! I'm excited to see how the hardfork will impact the value of STEEMS, but I guess I will find out soon enough. And looking forward to reading about your post comparing the Centralized social media to Steemit tomorrow :)


Thanks for the support. I appreciate it. I have every confidence in Dan, Ned and the team that the Hard Fork will be a success and beneficial to the developmemt. Thanks again for the comment. Stephen

Thanks for passing along the link.


You are welcome. Thanks for the support. Stephen

Stephen, By the description I am not sure the hard fork will help the popularity of Steem that much. I believe the value of Steem is created by Steemit platform. They probably need to find a way for new people to gain a bigger slice of the pie. I may be wrong, only time can tell.

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