STEEMIT: I am pleased to announce that in light of yesterday's HIGH NUMBER of Accounts registered I have lifted the Year End Target to 600,000..!!

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As we continue to witness a clear pattern of a STELLAR Number of Transactions Recorded and New Accounts Registered I am pleased once again to announce that yesterday was no exception.

Yesterday saw yet another HIGH NUMBER of New Accounts Registered at no fewer than a staggeing 3,713 Accounts.

This continued pattern that is now emerging cements all previous reports and as a result of the current position I have lifted the Year End Target from 575,000 to 600,000..!!

This rapid and fast pace of growth is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down and once again I have set what I strongly believe is a very Conservative Target.

The Target has been raised as we see the Daily Average Number of Accounts Registered in June now easily exceeding 2,039 / day.

Maintaining this average of 2,039 /day for the remainder of the year, with 191 Days left, will add a further 389,000 Accounts  to the existing +213,000 Accounts we currently have.

I am sure that as the days/weeks pass this 600,000 Target will most definitely adjust to the upside.

Thanks again for reading.


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Shared on twitter. Stephen

That is awesome ...I am trying to get my art followers in here too... little by little they start seeing what I am raving about


Keep plugging away. The best advice I can is in bringing new followers that you know to Steemit is keep talking about it and share with them your experiences here. Good luck. Stephen

I believe that we are going to begin to see exponential growth from this point on so you are going to need to consider raising the bar substantially higher each time! Great Fun!


I could not agree more. The reason why I have begun publishing these Targets in small upward increments is that if I published anything over 1 million at the moment people would think I have finally gone stark raving mad..!! :) :) Stephen

Steem Communities and many Steem Apps have not even launched yet. Steepshot, Zapple, BB boards, SteemTV and many more we don't even know about yet. We are witnessing the exponential S curve on Steemit. Twitter, FB, Uber went through this in early days. We will see 100X growth from todays numbers over next few years. Early adopters will not sell any Steem now. Steem has first mover advantage in social blockchains like Ethereum in smart contracts and Bitcoin in a the first decentralized payment currency. Steem is here to stay.


Steemycam will be launching in the next week or so. lets take STEEM to Mars!


Great! Porn is trillion dollar business. This is one of those Apps that will take Steem to Mars if done right! I will be following this!


I could not have said it any better myself..!! Excellent comment. Stephen

Steemit will take over Facebook. Just you wait!


"Steemit will take over Facebook" Why not? I tell people all the time that Facebook is OLD TECHNOLOGY and don't be surprised that it may not be around in the future. People laugh at me when I say it and I always remind then that people don't use FAX Machines anymore..!! Funny, they usually stop laughing at that point..!! Stephen


And there is a reason why Facebook makes a shit ton of money, imagine that money would go to the users... 😁 Facebook will be out of business in no time

Simply amazing statistics, I am very sure that year target for new accounts will be increased by another 25%.


"I am very sure that year target for new accounts will be increased by another 25%."..!! I am sure you will be right..!! Stephen

Great update, thanks.

Bitshares ist the best Proyect, and Stemm ist the MAMA Proyect...

can't wait to see have at least 20 to 25% of what facebook or twitter have.

Wauw you are doing so great on Steemit... I watched your video where you called out the fiat money system as completely corrupt... I am 100% with you on this!!

We just exposed Robert Kiyosaki, check it out on my blog if you like..

Keep it coming!

Loving the daily updates. Reminds me that it was a good idea to invest!

Wow. That level of growth is awesome. If we can keep the registrations going Steemit will become the major blogging force going forward. I now understand why it took so long for the registration process. Although that has put off several people I know. People are not used to waiting several days for e-mail approval.

I rely on your eyes Stephen and steem on.

That's so huge target, but looks its not so far.

Very Soon Steemit will surpass other social website like Facebook and Twitter and raddit because Steemit give user value. We can earn money here through our content creation . More over Steemit give users to increase their potential in real life by sharing knowledge and valuable information, more over Steemit is social than other website, Steemit teach us to love each other, respect each other and grow together, help each other and connect each other. Steemit make us more Human.


here are still plenty of other features which are present on FB (e.g.) still missing. But if this would be worked-out, why not.

Lets make it 8,00,000

I am glad to contribute by introducing new members

I wouldn't be surprised to see 10,000 new accounts created one of these days!! Awesome news! Thanks for continuing to update us!


I am sure you are right. 10,000 Accounts per day is very achievable and probably sooner than most are expecting..!! Stephen

very nice post ,,, n i always tell to my friends a time come when steem will cover the whole world because of its unique features and thats the reason every day steemit is expanding and more users are coming on it. steem you rock and will rock

Yes let's do this! We need some more diversity here

Continue to keep raising that amount as soon as you witness the rapid growth during the holiday season.
Steem on!

Would be awesome if we hit 1 million!
I made a post about posting a "Now Hiring" Ad :D

Probably achievable as long as the sign up process works

Impressive. Thanks for sharing!

hello dear myfriend

Excellent news again, the Steem machine just keeps on rolling!

Steemit respects your privacy, doesn't make you watch retarded ads or articles, has a system that tries to favour quality content, and you actually earn money from it, well hell yeah new people (including me) are coming over.
Facebook was already dying, but Steemit will put the nail on its coffin!

i think it will surpass the 600,000 mark. mark my words new registrations will be increasing exponentially so i bet it will get to 1million or so.

Go Steemit. Rising and growing to record numbers. Be part of the happening and make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity.

If this prediction comes true, it would be really awesome!

Amazing news. Thanks!

Well done buddy @stephenkendal
Resteemed and UPVOTED 👍🏻

Things are starting to get cooking here! I still stand by my estimate of one million accounts by year end. My only "cautionary note" is that the devs/witnesses HAVE to to sort out whatever kinks in the system causes the new account creation process to periodically slow to a snail's pace. The "mass market" does not have the patience to sit around and wait for 3-5 days to register on a web site.

Its a great news any prediction on 1 million as we all know you are good in predictions :)


If the last 8 weeks have anything to go by I am sure that I will be making a +1 million prediction sometime in 2017..!! Stephen

I resteem it for sure!!! That's really awesomeeeeeee

impressive numbers, thanks for sharing

This kinda stuff gets me excited!!!!!
Where do you find this info out? got any other cool sites to use to help me navigate Steemit? i found the Steempower already :D

Resteemed! Great news and trends!

I'd say over 1 Million

I'm a reasonably new steemian, under two weeks and I love the platform. I haven't looked at Facebook once since being on steemit and firmly believe steemit is the way forward for me and hopefully many others. I've made some great contacts and have built a modest amount of followers along the way however feel fully engaged with it and look forward to seeing build. 600,000 by the end of the year would be a great result with many many more to come I hope. Thanks for posting Stephen. Resteemed.

i have been messaging musicians that are linked to me on facebook and telling them the future is here - i know of 2 that have signed up and more are curious and that will lead to eventual action.

I think you will lift your target at least once more before the end of the year. Or at least I hope so!!


I am sure I will..!! Thanks for the support. Stephen

Great topic! Keep it up

great work my friend! good news !! steem future is bright even in this current dip... i see things moving in the upward in accounts and price through the summer and beyond..