STEEMIT: Have you ever wondered what people Blog about the most on STEEMIT? Here is the top 200 Blogging Categories.

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Have you ever wondered what people Blog about the most on STEEMIT?

Above is the top 200 Blogging Categories, showing the number of Blogs made per Category.

Regular readers of my Blog will know that recently I have kicked started #promo-uk, a Crowdsourced Marketing Initiative for the Marketing and Promotion of STEEMIT in the U.K. 

Part of the Initiative was to produce flyers and hand them out in around City Centres throughout the U.K.

On the flyer we have listed the Top Categories and it has proven to be a winning formula as we have found that when we speak to people they automatically can focus on a topic that they know they would be comfortable Blogging about.

By giving them this list of Top Blogging Categories on the flyer allows them to feel part of the Community straight away, should they see a Category that they know they would feel comfortable Blogging about.

We have found that having; Photography, Life and Art as the Top Three Categories on the flyer allows us to focus in on the Creativity Element of the Community when we are talking to them.

Over the last few weeks we have spoken to well over +500 people, mainly students, and it is our strong believe that by having these Categories on the flyer allows us to breakdown the barrier with the market almost instantly.


Thanks for reading.


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nice. shared your pic on my social media


AWESOME..!! Thank you. Stephen

Nice. Great share!


Thank you. Stephen


Our pleasure. We are all working together

I am glad photography is the top one, because that's what i usually post.


It was quite fascinating really. I spoke to a lot of people who saw photography straight away and said that they were into photography. I am going to be honest it surprised me. I never realised just how popular photography was with students. Stephen


With a camera on every phone these days, everyone is a photographer in some way.


i just joined here, and when I saw the photo challenge topic, I ran through some old pics that I had taken several years ago. Photography isn't like it used to be. I used to lug around a big bag full of lenses, a tripod, etc. I also used to do tons of darkroom work. Now, everyone has a camera, and a better than average one at that. It's definitely something that has evolved to an everyone category.

Job well done sire,more greese to your elbow!

Very informative post. Thank you.

Nice info

I like my gaming very much and I am glad to see that its popularity seems to be gaining. I post about it should anyone be interested...

Very useful info and I appreciate your sharing this. Often wondered where the traffic goes. Guess I'll have to break out my Leicas again!


Longshot, I'm going to follow you, just because you are from Texas! LOL Ft Worth here!!


Born in Corpus Christy. Ex-pat now in Florida (almost as good, but NOT quite!)

Where do the numbers come from?

It appears you mean to say, for example,
there were not 253 Blogs about Litecoin,
but more correctly there were 253 Story posted about Litecoin,
with each story having a number of comments.

I am not trying to come off as a grammar nazi,
just trying to clarify what you mean as a "blog"

for advertising purposes this is perhaps all fine.
for technical examination it needs some assistance

thanks and best regards


The numbers shown are the number of Blogs that have been made with the Parent Category hashag. The number are scraped straight off the Blockchain. Stephen


What is the definition of blog ?
According to Steemit, a person has "a Blog".
According to different metrics, it is a website
"A blog (short for weblog) is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption."
If we said that the numbers scraped were posts,
from Blogs,
according to Category,
we might see a much different set of numbers.
Some people may tend to revisit certain Categories with multiple posts.
If this is the case, then it might be instructive to scrape the numbers
using the user-names as the metric for each category.
Is there any such effort in this direction that you might direct us toward ?
This is a number I might find interesting for consideration.
Thank you.

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