STEEMIT: Average number of Daily Blogs of 1,559/day, 65/hour, or just over 1/minute these averages clearly show that the Community is growing..!!

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This year I have been regularly publishing the number of Daily Transactions that are registered on the Blockchain and I am constantly asked what constitutes a Transaction.

A Transaction is a blog, a post, a comment, a vote, a flag, a deposit, a withdrawal, a change, on other words anytime the Blockchain has been amended.

This has spurred a few asking about the number of the Blogs per day.

I have therefore drilled down into the data and extracted the Blogs per day.

As you will see from the above we are growing in a range of 1,598 - 2,296 and currently over a 30 day period we are publishing an average of 1,559 Blogs per day.

30 Day look-back

Along with the Daily Transactions recently published it is once again clear evidence that the Community is growing.

Thanks again for reading.



Steem growth could not look more bullish. This reminds me of June 2016 Steem and Ethereum just a few months ago. Fundamentals are here big time. Its nearly certain that Steem will once again be top 10 Crypto by size. Last year we went to #3 for a week! Thank you for sharing this valuable data in a user friendly format Steve!

You are very welcome. Thank you for your constant support I really appreciate it. Stephen

Great stuff as always.

Your rankings moved up today man! We are both on the first page here still I noticed.

Excellent post
Looking at the dates, it seems people must be enjoying themselves at the weekend. (Less blogging)
Then possibly blogging about it on the Monday-Wednesday, or catching up on posting blogs

Thank you. The trend is certainly bullish to the upside and is clear evidence that the Community is growing. Thanks again for your support. Stephen

Things just seem to be perking along nicely... I'm glad to see active posting on the increase, and I'd have to think that the HF17 dilemmas now being solved as well should help boost people's confidence.

There's just a lot to be bullish about, these days!

I could not agree more. There is clear evidence that there is a great buzz in the Community. Stephen

Nice Images

Thank you. Stephen

Thanks for this valuable information, Stephen! Perfectly put together and visualized as always. Resteemed.

It would be huge to see the number of active users in correlation, meaning: is the no. of active users that produce these activities increasing proportionally, or have users become more active generally? Do you have any information on that, too?

AWESOME..!! Thanks for the resteem. Will do a little more drilling down into the data and come up with some more details if that helps. Thanks again for the continued support. Have a great day. Stephen


Thank you for posting @stephenkendal.

It looks promising. Steem on. Cheers.

this is great

Thanks. I have been asked to do it for a weeks now but I just never got round to doing it. Hope it is useful to the ones wondering what the picture looks like. With this now in front of them it gives a better understanding what is happening in terms of the number of blogs. Stephen

I have noticed a growth in the community also. Not through statistics, but simply through personal observation.

The thing is, as this community gets larger, something needs to be done about the maintaining visibility problem that no one seems to talk about-- especially if we are moving into 7 day payout cycles tomorrow.

Currently, the site is set up somewhat like tumblr, but that site is utilized for content that is quickly digested, and so people have the time to scroll through their long home feeds to find all the content there.

With a growing community, and with the content on Steemit being of more sustenance and taking longer to read, we must find a way to extend the lifetime of posts or the majority of them will be lost in an ocean of content within an hour of being published.

With that said, it's great to have verified statistics that show the community really is growing. This is is exciting.

Thank you. I too have seen a very strong sense of spirit recently and this is very encouraging to see when it is backed up by stats as well. These are very exciting times. Stephen

Nice post stephen interesting to see correlation of price with number of posts a day

Nailed it. You can more or less sit one chart on top of the other. Cheers. Stephen


I have no idea how to do some of this stuff you do.

Do you know what we could use for non IT types, to find out how many actual BLOGS we have written? Not total post count, but the total number of blog posts created.

I kind of want to know how many I have done and no clue where to go to extract that data.

Congrats on the good work Stephen

Great analysis! Are you pulling these figures directly from the Steem CLI?

Great to see that it has been more active here. Even though, I've been less active as I've been away from home!

Where do you find this data? Thank you very much.

I know right!

Raw data can be pulled easily from

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