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I woke up this morning with a Eureka Moment that would see an exponential growth in STEEMIT if you was able to franchise STEEM..!!

Marketing any product is all about Brand Awareness and you either allow a brand to grow naturally by organic means of people spreading the word or you accelerate the process by applying a "Route to Market".

Route to Market

All products begin their life as a concept and it is up to the marketing of that product by Product Awareness which can be in various ways.

One way of accelerating Product Awareness is by exposing the product to the masses on an exponential path.

Anyone who has taken a product to market will tell you that marketing is the key as bringing your product to market prematurely can be just be as damaging as bringing it to market too late.

One way that STEEM/STEEMIT could be brought to market in a gradual but with a potential for an exponential take up would be to apply a Franchise Model.

Franchise Models are not new they are a proven route to market for any product but what I would strongly suggest is a "Reverse Franchise Model", whereby the Franchisee pays no upfront fee but is given full support of the brand and is paid back on performance.


The STEEM "Reverse Franchise Model" could be applied to any trading business whether it is selling bananas, food, taxi cab service, cakes, restaurants, coffee, absolutely anything that sees payment for either a product or a service.

In this example think of a Coffee Shop.

The coffee shop owner/operator maintains full responsibility of the operation/liabilities of the business but the STEEM "Reverse Franchise Model" brands the outlet.

Let's say the coffee shop is branded with the STEEM logo and buyers can pay either by local currency or STEEM, then the operator would earn additional STEEM on the transaction.

This is a triple win-win-win situation where the operator wins by being paid for the product plus additional STEEM on the transaction, the STEEMIT User can share experiences on the Platform potentially earning more Votes/STEEM and STEEM/STEEMIT will have an overnight exposure to more potential new users.

Effectively what it would create is a complete loop of exponentially growing transactions.

Fictitious Example

Please note that the above is for illustration purpose only.

So I would ask again, "Could you Franchise Steem?" 

Thanks for reading.



Great idea Stephen! Franchising is the way forward.

Thank you. The route to market would certainly accelerate, without any shadow of doubt, the number of Users on the platform. I have just posted a Daily Transactions Report showing the last 6 out of 7 days with +100,000 Daily Transactions. If Steem/Steemit was Franchised as the famous line from the film once said...."I think we're going to need a bigger boat..!!" Stephen

:D , one question, can you also add the votes to the count of transactions, or are they already added, if so we have 100k active users right :)

Not 100k active users. It's 100k transactions on the Blockchain. Everytime the Blockchain is updated. Upvotes, posts, comments, payments, withdrawals, creations .... all transactions. Stephen

Yeah so, the trends aren't reversing, the user base is shrinking and hasn't reversed the trend yet. Or hasn't boomed at least. Last stats I remember were a few months ago, ~1500 authors(daily creators/posters) , ~10-15k active users.

Great! Similar with TED and its open TEDx format or Fab Foundation's Fablabs, one open franchise idea could start with Steemfest. Perhaps Steemit could approve a set of basic rules and minimun requirements needed to anyone in the world host a Steemfest too. From accepting Steem, air Steemmovie, play an specific music and offer a Steemit elected recipe local crafted beer or appetizers, for example. I posted this idea 2 months ago when Steemfest success was fresh but I think it could evolve more. Thanks and good luck for us all again!

Keep plugging away at the idea. Franchising is a win win win for STEEMIT, Business Operators and Users. Stephen

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