STEEM .......”Pure Social Media Gold..!!” Price $0.33⇗ BULLISH..!!

in steemit •  3 years ago 


”Pure Social Media Gold..!!”

Market Capitalisation = $74,870,978

Price = $0.33⇗




Global Social Media Crypto Currency Game Changer..!!

Target Price = $1.30

Target Market Capitalisation = $295,000,000

Thanks for reading.


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StephenPKendal Stephen P Kendal tweeted @ 06 Dec 2016 - 11:16 UTC

$STEEM .......”Pure Social Media Gold..!!” Price $0.33⇗ #BULLISH..!! #BLOCKCHAIN #SocialMedia #GameChanger @Steemit… /

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Holy floop...I woke up an hour ago & saw STEEM busted through 40,000 satoshis. Word is, a major Augur REP investor got hacked. REP did get dumped down to 10,000 satoshis. (Lucky guy who put a lowball bid down there!) All major cryptos were down, some in double digits, with the exception of Gamecredits and...STEEM!

BTT thread on the hack:

As I write, STEEM's #7 on Coinmarketcap 's list; it's surpassed Dash.

It's been an awesome 72 hours for STEEM. The technicals have never looked so bullish. Thanks for the comment. Stephen

Oh yeah! Thanks to the overnight FOMO, STEEM's made a higher high after it made a higher low on November 17th.

There might well be a letdown after the hard fork kicks in, but as far as I'm concerned a pullback means a buying opportunity.

Looking much more healthy today. We'll have to see what the hardfork does. My Steem is all powered up

Likewise myself, except for ~2,500 STEEM that's stuck in a Polo withdrawal and ~464 I bought last night.

Likewise. I guess we will know in the coming few days what the market thinks but in the meantime the charts are loving it..!! Stephen