Predictions for 2018. Including: Steemit, Steem, Bitcoin, Smart Media Tokens, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Futures Contracts, Gold and Silver..!!

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Predictions for 2018

Happy New Year

I am pleased to share with you my predictions for 2018.

2018 is going to be another awesome year for #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain as more people finally wake up to the sheer power of the Cryptocurrency Technology when applied to Social Media.

Social Media will take centre stage in 2018 as the archaic and antiquated Centralised Systems fail to keep a pace with the technological advances witnessed in 2017, especially in the Cryptocurrency Market.

It is this failure by these Centralised Systems to recognise the shift in rewarding Content Creation, that #SmartMediaTokens will be catapulted into the spotlight.

When people suddenly wake up and realise their Content is worth something, why would they continue to share it for free, when they can be rewarded elsewhere.

2018 will prove to be a Banner Year for rewarding Social Media Content.

Top Predictions for 2018

My predictions for 2018 are summaries as follows: #Steemit, #Steem, #Bitcoin, #SmartMediaTokens, #Cryptocurrencies, Social Media, Fake News, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Futures Contracts, Derivatives, Gold and Silver..!!

Thanks for reading/watching and once again Happy New Year and all the very best to you all for 2018.


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Gold and silver... I really hate them. People in my country always die for them.

Lovely predictions! I think he's being realistic and spot on.


I hope so. I think next year is going to be the year when we see a lot of implementation. Prices have gone up, the media has put a spotlight on crypto, I think we're going to see some next project utilizing it coming out.


Yeah I think so too @javybar

If 2018 is anything like 2017, there will be no way to even come close to guessing what could/would happen!!!

You got that right! I used to post articles on facebook and medium for recognition, but since I joined steemit, all my attention and content has been directed into the platform. The fact that my work is worth something makes me put even more effort and brain-power. There's no doubt that steemit will surpass facebook as the number one social media platform. The rate at which the community is growing is geometrically is appalling and intriguing! 2018 would be a very exciting year for everyone in this community.


There's no doubt that steemit will surpass facebook as the number one social media platform.

I wouldn't quite put it that way, but I would say this...

"There's no doubt that the Market Capital of the #Steem Blockchain will surpass the Market Capital of Facebook at it become the Number One Source of Social Media Content..!!"



I hope so!


Good Work Follow x Follow please <3


Good Work Follow x Follow please <3


Indeed we are so lucky to be part of a platform that is growing so exponentially and very rewarding too in terms of knowledge and global participation @johnesan @reidlist

in my opinion, this platform will be the window for the digital currency. this platform will be the only way to be a revolution for a practical and intelligent world economic revival. but many people have not understood it. I am more excited to see the translation of your predictions. this makes me continue to be creative here. thanks so much sir. Happy new yers

I too very much look forward to SMT but not sure where to find out the best information on it yet? I keep hearing it referenced but no idea how to get it or where to research it more such as a website etc.


There is an smt whitepaper I'm on my phone and don't have a link handy

Excellent predictions all about Steemit, Steem, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain. I think blockchain-based media will grow very rapidly with users growing very fast. Happy New Year Mr. @stephenkendal


I think blockchain-based media will grow very rapidly with users growing very fast.

Nailed it..!! Happy New Year. Stephen


thanks :D


completely agreed. I don't see the need to use media outside of ones that are on the blackchain. And I think more and more people will start to realize that as well.


I am an steemit addict and I rarely update my facebook anymore if not for my few relatives who are not Into steemit.promote we must @franklynx happy New Year by the way


Happy New Year to you as well :)


iqbalsweden its so tru bitcoin and all the future coins are gonne be the next big thing off 2018,cheers happy new year.


So agree with you that for the 2018we will see more users in the platform .I Am happily promoting steem to my family as of the moment @iqbalsweden

Thanks for all your important information and the mapping you do is awesome!


You are very welcome. It's my pleasure. Stephen

Happy New Year Stephen!!

Looking forward to the very possible crypto bloom in 2018! Bring on your predictions for Steem :)


Happy New Year. All the very best for 2018. Stephen


@redrica happy New Year to you let's pray for that boom! I believe in steemit


It's seems like it's happening already :)

Really informative post, Thanks for sharing. May the year ahead brings you good luck, fortune, success and lots of love. Happy New Year to you and your Family :) @stephenkendal


Happy New Year. All the very best for 2018 to you and your family. Stephen


Same to yo @olivajasmine. It's a promising 2018 in the steemit world

Happy New Year @stephenkendal! Let's hope your predictions all come true in 2018!!


Happy New Year @rea and all the very best for 2018. Stephen


It will @reahave faith. I would want a mentor maybe @stephenkendal can mentor us how to get the most from his predictions it would definitely be life changing for me if it happens

Wow this is incredible. Such a professional post and the video is so awesome.

steem 10 dollars

Happy New Year! Very exciting and interesting predictions @stephenkendal. Resteemed.

I hope and believe you are right sir!

You know what, let me put it this way.

" I don't know it will surpass facebook or not because to compete with facebook we have to build that kind of community and infrastructure. Once we reach that level they would have gone to next level but I more take steemit as youtube of the modern world. Just try to connect dots, on youtube you go and watch content of random people, same here on steemit you read it. On youtube content creators get paid for making videos and here u get paid for making blog posts. But in any suitation, 2018 is going to be a great year fo steemit."



@suf1an it's possible. Really a big possibility

Stephen, the community likes what you're singing....onward and upward.

My own prediction for STEEM by the end of 2018 $20-30. If we see tremendous success with SMT similar to ERC20 tokens from ETH, $100 is very far-fetched but not an impossible target.


@riaeofth even if it's just $20 or $30 still it's a good number Lets pray it will be more than that. Steem on we must and promote it too

Thanks for your predictions and have a happy new year!!!!


Well said. Do you have a price prediction for end-of-year on both Bitcoin and Steem?

For steemit to overtake reddit it does not take much I think, given that the use case is very similar and that the rewards are only there for Steemit. I think that Steemit also has the chance to attack Facebook, but this will not be so easy. The functionality is clearly not the same (yet) and you also do not have the same privacy possibilities you have at Facebook (I could not image me favoring Facebook for its privacy options). Due to the blockchain it will also be difficult to make these privacy options possible on steemit I guess. On the other hand, most Facebook users do not care anyway about privacy ;-)

very positive predictions...hope your prediction will be true sir


Let us believe in it. For the meantime Leta improve on our contents @kartiksingh

really nice prediction ! great video! hope you gonna be right by your predictions on steemit!

We won't know if the predictions will turn out exactly like @stephenkendal says. I foresee huge movements in BTC and BCH which will affect Steem and SBD. We won't know what's going to happen but 2018 will be an interesting year for the crypto markets.

What do you think about the movement of steam and sbd at the moment. I am very glad to see every forecast about cryptocurrency

Thanks for share

By twitter harussepakat - herman by email.

Thanks . I always feel smarter after reading your posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. interesting post

Hello pak

Nice it...from @kingklauz

Sir hello @stephenkendal
Thanks for update regarding cryptocurrenices and block chain etc. Its very informative blog sharing for steemian. Who just start with low level in crypto and others internet social media.
I hope 2018 is best and brilliant for all steemian. They earn and create self empire very high level. Wish you all the best and keep it up.
stay blessed
images (4).jpeg


I super love steemit and I hope for the best as well I'm happy you feel the same @nayyabsipra


Its wonderful to me that you @gratefulayn reply and encourage my comment. Thanks for apprised steemian
Stay bleased

Nice fantastic post Happy 2018 Contribution comment#


@philipps93are you holding on to your SBD? I am .aa optimistic as I can be


Thank you very much friend, I think that the SBDs are going to have a great growth this year and surpass other currencies that are worth more greetings today


@philips u I wish u can mentor me

It is highly probable that Blokchain media will dominate in the future.
Steemit for example is a very successful platform that is growing day by day and new users are increasing quickly

Perfect analysis and predictions. One more reason to use decentralised social network is the lack of censorship, what is good for freedom and democracy.

Finally a tool for de-centralisation; I hope that one day blockchain will be used for elections. can't wait.
If I look at my more and more neglected facebook, I can't phathom how I could be happy about likes.....

Nice prediction :) . Really appreciate your hard work. Keep it going.

Happy new year 🎊🎈

Happy New Year Mr. @stephenkendal and Thank you for sharing this Great prediction.
I do agree with your prediction sir that steemit, steem will on top rank and will also change bitcoin on its current position & I think also many people has started to migrate to Blockchain based media like this steemit with massive user and will be grow rapidly.

Very good news for this 2018, I trust that it will be since I see the growth with Steemit, it is much more than a social network, happy beginning of this blessed and prosperous new year for all of us.

hopefully will come true like your prediction ... happy new year ..@stephenkendal

Very informative post

Thanks for this video, I'll be holding my steem and bitcoin.

Sometimes I just get tempted


Same here @samatickkz holding it until the. .optimistic and steemit addict here saying may new Year be best for you @samstickkz

So is Steemit the only player that you see in the content creation boom for 2018?

What a wonderful info iam so motivated about this messages its total awsome and its keep feeding me PLEASE MORE INFO OF THIS,cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

this is so informative speech i m so glad. thanks for the motivated speech and please follow me and upvote back @rajat1802


@jaguarpawmu I wish I can threw away much money to those who need it most. Funny video how do you do this. I'm new here don't know how to do this

steemit is top-most social media that pays infact it leads and others follows

Is bitcoin going to crash??


Is bitcoin going to crash??



I'm interested to see how platforms like Facebook respond to the SMT. Why would anyone post for free when you can be paid for content in crypto which may triple in value at any given time. The changes coming in 2018 are pretty exciting. Thanks for the insight into the future of blockchain.

Happy new year. Thanks @stephenkendal for sharing the post. It is very informative. Because I have come to know about nice predictions for 2018: Steemit, Steem, Bitcoin, Smart media tokens, Crypto currencies from you. As a follower I have learnt more by reading your post.

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I am also hoping for the best for #steem #steemit and so a lot of people will be happy.

Happy new year!

Great video. Thanks! :)

Hope thats will be true. 2018 will be our year!

Its so informative sir. Really appreciate !

Happy New Year 2018, totally agree every day are more people with talents, who do quality blog that are joining this network.

Up vote because your promoting steem and steemit :)

What is new and why old system will fail

Happy new year too, personally i stopped overthinking about the bitcoin, i guess it's very wise to consider more cryptos this new year. Steem ofcos should be one of them. Others it will depend though we shouldn't expect alot of perfection here.

couldn't agree more Sire. solid points here and thank you for sharing it.

This is a lovely information that I have been waiting for, thanks for sharing the information.

You are very optimistic lol , anyway I like the technical analysis area and am following you to learn more.
Looking forward to read more of you :)

Interesting video. Thanks for making!

lovely predictions

I am expecting this prediction to come true. Like you said when people realise that their content is worth something, they would not give it away for free.
I was very amazed when I first learned if steemit, my thoughts and content would finally pay me and it has.
Let hope 2018 fulfils all the promises it has.
Happy New Year

Prediction is sometimes not going to shift from reality


Upvote and resteem done.

Wow your prediction of steem price over $4 by end of 2017 came true

Great post

Happy new year friend and your blog is nice thanks for share it steemit about blog

Banyak pakar memprediksikan 2018 adalah tahun boomingnya ethereum. Tapi membaca tulisan anda saya jadi yakin 2018 is steemit year...

Thanks ...

happy new year and thanks for sharing such things

interesting point of view ... I bet because this platform grows and spreads to other language ...

@stephenkendal I especially like this "When people suddenly wake up and realise their Content is worth something, why would they continue to share it for free, when they can be rewarded elsewher"true indeed I switched to steeMIT from instagram and facebook. I am so impressed by your knowledge on this cryptocurrency. If it I have even half of this knowledge of would mean life changing to me I am so grateful for your very informative videos.

Interesting that the blockchain environment is really growing. My friend was telling me that blockchain is like Internet 3.0. I'm trying to convince my friends and family that they should invest in being a part of this because when the current US economy falls, drips and stagnates, this will be an "outside" economy and market that could very well save us.

I think he has made a very reasonable and realistic predictions for year 2018.

Happy new year!!! You might like these new years pictures an AI produced check it out

That’s a great prediction...
1 Steem is over $6 already

Hope your right. This platform could explode. That would be a fun ride.

Short but sweet ! Thanks for sharing !!
! A lots of new year wishes for you too 😍🎇🎆🎉🥂🎁🎈

STEEM coin and and climbed up high today great predictions

I will be getting some silver this year with my crypto profits

on point. More and more of people I know are now on steemit creating quality content rather than posting things on Facebook. Steemit is a platform giving opportunities for the creator while reaching different audiences. #steemit Thank you for the inspiration. To 2018 and beyond

Thanks for sharing this short, but important overview. I still need a lot to learn about how quick everything is gonna change.

Glad new year! 2018 will be an incredible year. What an adventure it has been with Steem. We both have seen a considerable measure over the previous year or something like that. This undertaking has shown me to such an extent. The things I have learned are worth more than any measure of cash en route. I see the world in an entirely different manner after all I have learned since beginning with Blockchains. I truly trust the world is moving into a superior place. In the expressions of the colossal Naveen Jain we as a whole should "have an outlook of plenitude". This blockchain can be a device to change the world for good and show individuals numerous things if utilized as a part of the correct way. Information is power and It will be a blockchain loaded with learning. The Steem blockchain is getting more grounded by the day. We have seen some astounding development since this blockchain began and I know this is just the begin. When we have a completely refined item it will have the capacity to do things we cannot envision yet. The expansion of SMTs into the blockchain will intrigue and will change the way we consider the web and what is conceivable. Groups and discussions are a gigantic piece of the web. The conceivable utilizations of SMTs are stunning to consider. With Steemit and Steem we are now rolling out improvements in places that need it and offering assistance to those in require. Envision what's on the horizon for us and this blockchain. We additionally have an incredible group behind this blockchain. That is one of the principle reasons I put my BTC into this task over a year prior in the wake of discovering it on the Bitcointalk gathering and faltering onto Steemit through google look through a couple of times (accidentally hunting down different things). I at that point started some examination and saw @dan talking a couple of times about Steem. At that point saw @ned talking on YouTube and on CheddarTV and knew instinctively then he was resolved to make something extraordinary. Its awesome to see designers as you doing extraordinary things for the eco framework also @exyle with things like Steemify and Blockbrothers. Cheerful New Year again @exyle - Lets take Steemit and Steem to the following level in 2018!

Congratulations @stephenkendal!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 7 with $ 304,5

Congratulations @stephenkendal!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 7 with $ 304,5

I don't agree.

In it's current guise, I cannot see Steemit taking over any of the current social media's dominance, Steemit is lightyears away from Twitter/Facebook/Youtube and I don't see any noticeable dent into the big name's market position in the near future.

Steemit is far too complicated to be picked up. FB seeps into your life and hooks you in. Steemit is like wresting a salmon and the initial on-boarding is complicated and confusing the amount of time needed to invest in adoption is significant. Growing your network is difficult and slow, not like the organic proliferation of Facebook or Instagram. So for these reasons, I see Steemit having a slow growth curve.

But, Steem on the other hand has a solid backing from the multitude of Steemit users, who are it's assets. If crypto's real fuel is speculation through sentiment, Steem has enough positive sentiment to propel the currency stratospheric.

Unlike other cryptos when sentiment wanes, the droves sell off the asset, Steem will be bouyed up by the hundreds of thousands of stake holders within Steemit.

So, my prediction... Steemit growth will be slow but steady, Steem is going to break $40 by the end of the year, but will remain bullish with good steady gains. I think Steem is a good long-term asset to hold on to.

thanks @stephenkendal for having the certainty that this year 2018 will be better. this technology of the cryptomoneda has reached many places and from venezuela we have a group that has been growing and we want to wake up more with your help since you have dedicated yourself to study this branch becoming an expert in the field

postingan yang sangat berguna bagi kita semua..
salam kenal dari saya

Happy New Year to you as well, Stephen, and thank you for your as-ever encouraging outlook on Steemit and other great new technologies.



2018 is going to be great! I'm very happy I found myself on steemit! :)

@stephenkendal I like your perspectives on the relation between the established financial markets and the crypto markets. For so long, crypto has been designated as something only for tech-savvy people. Soon, it will be used to make car payments and groceries.

Here is the good place of earning ;)

happy new year sir
pleased be a voter in my post

my prediction is that crypto market will cross 2 trillion in 2018 or beyond it. It would not be off any surprise. Once more decentralised applications like steemit becomes more strong most of the earlier centralised apps will also get disrupted

Clearly, decentralized participation makes the greatest use of intellectual talent. Centralized entities have far fewer brains to compete. Common sense informs us that decentralized participation creates order out of chaos far more rapidly and adjusts more creatively to changes. In effect it returns power to the people.