Help pay off your Student Loan by joining the thousands blogging on STEEMIT..!!

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STEEMIT is becoming one of the fastest growing SOCIAL MEDIA Communities in The World and is fast approaching 115,000 UNIQUE USERS in little over 7 months.

The RISE of STEEMIT has been nothing but pure EXCITEMENT within SOCIAL MEDIA and the party hasn't even started yet..!!

This much talked about SOCIAL NETWORK is attracting USERS from all corners of the GLOBE who are being PAID to Blog their own CONTENT.

However one of the FASTEST growing groups in the COMMUNITY are STUDENTS earning money Blogging about SUBJECTS that they have a passionate about.

If you have a passion for one the following SUBJECTS and have something to share why not come and join the community..!!

Here is a list of SUBJECTS that Bloggers are earning a lot of money from....



















































If you having something to share and want to earn money talking about the SUBJECTS that you are passionate about, come join us at STEEMIT, help pay off your STUDENT LOAN and meet some great people along the way...!!

The future is not tomorrow, the future was yesterday..!!

blog. vote. post. EARN..!!

Thanks for reading.


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StephenPKendal Stephen P Kendal tweeted @ 26 Nov 2016 - 17:37 UTC

Help pay off your Student Loan by joining the thousands blogging on #STEEMIT..!! #SocialMedia #GameChanger @Steemit… /

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That's AWESOME. Thank you. Stephen

RS and UV for you, and shared to some of my Social Media accounts. Great idea, great post Stephen. And yes, I did follow you last nite on the Twitter machine after my post. Have a nice weekend.

-- I put up a Star Wars meme a couple mins ago, if you need a laugh.


Thanks Barry. I really appreciate it. Following on twitter. Thanks again for the support. Stephen

Great idea, imagine if a few thousand students joined us on Steemit. Sounds like it could be a good initiative.


Thanks I appreciate it. Stephen

I've had no luck on steemit!


Stick at it. You have to keep blogging to get results. Stephen


You will have luck if you post your best work on Steemit, again and again. Don't get discouraged from not getting noticed. The more active you are, the more people begin to notice you and read your posts. Don't give up.

Upvoted and shared to Twitter. Enjoy this very much. Will be sharing to Facebook later today.


That's AWESOME. Thanks for sharing. Following. Stephen

Great motivational post! Upvoted and following.


Thanks I appreciate it. Following. Stephen

Great angle for promoting Steemit to a younger demographic


Thanks for sharing I appreciate it. Stephen

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I've got a face book friend who wanted to get an account on steemit.
he says steemit required telephone verification now..
He doens't have (cell)phone service where he lives.
way to go Steemit...


Interesting..!! Thanks for sharing. Stephen