Congratulations to Steemit

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Just seen this on twitter


Congratulations to #Steemit

Just seen this on twitter....


Wishing #Steemit all the very best.

This is awesome news.!!

Looking forward to hearing more about the announcement over the coming few weeks.

Thanks again for reading.



Steem’s biggest weakness was marketing
Justin Sun is a marketing machine

Seems like a fantastic partnership

Not entirely sure what this will look like in practice, but seems like great news!

he's talking about swping steem in his recent tweet. Is that really good for steem ? Is that mean that steemit will be built on tron ?

More on the story...


This sounds pretty awesome.!!


This is really a big congratulations to us all #steem. We should be expecting more partnership in the nearest future. You have done well for bringing it to our notice. Steem on

It's a car wreck, fuck Steemit.