A massive Steemit shout out to @CrushTheStreet.com for the recent interview as it pushes towards 10,000 views. In the interview I promote Steemit, Steem and SMTs.

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Huge #Steemit shout out to @CrushTheStreet .com


Promoting #Steemit, #Steem and #SMT

A massive #Steemit shout out to @CrushTheStreet .com for the recent interview we did.

This interview was recorded last week and published on Youtube on Monday 30th October.

I am excited to see that this interview is fast approaching 10,000 views.

In the interview I promote #Steemit, #Steem, the #Steem Ecosystem and more importantly #SmartMediaTokens #SMT.

For the ones who have yet to hear the interview, here is the link...

Credit: youtube / @CrushTheStreet

Once again a massive thank you to Kenneth and all those at CrushTheStreet.com for taking the time to arrange, record and distribute the interview.

Thanks for reading.


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Shared on twitter. Stephen

Thank you! Im very proud that you promote steemit :)

good video sure attracted much attention

Great news.. Thank for sharing

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

great post I like this...really nice & mind touch blog😍😍

I have been also heavily marketing Steemit via Facebook as I market my Job Post. Probably I have reach more than 20,000 during October 2017. At LinkedIn I have reach more than 50,000 and on my email Network to about 100K. Bringing users to Steemit is the way to go, but Steemit needs to improve the time it takes to approve new accounts.