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Well, the version of Adobe Illustrator I was using stopped working. I can't say it was a legitimate version of the program, but there is no way I can pay like $50 a month to use it.

So, I decided to give Inkscape a try. I've known about this program for a while but never really messed around with it before.

For those of you who don't know, Inkscape is a free, open source, vector graphic program for Windows, Mac, and Linux. And after playing around with it for an evening, I think it's very comparable to Illustrator.

I messed around for a little while drawings a bunch of shapes and changing the fill and stroke settings to get the hang of where everything is located but then I thought I'd try something a little more complicated but nothing too time-consuming.

I did a quick search to see if the new Steemit logo showed up on Google and there was only 1.

So I decided to draw the new Steemit logo.

And here it is with some black outline to make it stand out a little better.

And finally, something a little more colorful to help me get used to some of the program's features and where they are located.

All in all, the program works much better than I thought it would. It will be a much better alternative than paying Adobe every month to use Illustrator. There is still going to be a bit of figuring things out for sure. Things just aren't the same as Illustrator, but I've also noticed that there are a number of things that are better. Once I get used to the different process, it's going to be a great program; especially for free!

If you like these, feel free to take them to use in your blog.

Clicking on them gives you the full size image.



nice work man

I use Photoshop sometimes and honestly I have never heard about Inkscape. I will have a peek into it.

I can't say it was a legitimate version of the program, but there is no way I can pay like $50 a month to use it.

Amen to that! I am still on like CS5 that I got a good deal on! haha

Inkscape doesn't look half bad either!

Well done on the logos! They look awesome!!!

Well I must say that to produce unverified versions of OUR logoto then encourage people to serve them in their blog is not the thing we need right now ! I am sorry but the logo must be uniform in nature and instantly recognizable by the public at large ! If everybody starts doing their version and releasing it into the nature then i feel we will have a bigger problem than we do already ! By all means experiment with your program, but please do not encourage people to use them as the situation is already too confused already !! I do hope you see what i am trying to say here @stephen-king989 )

I get what your saying and thanks r the comment. But, you should do a google image search for "steemit logo" and see how many variations of the old steemit logo there are. There are a lot and they are all made by users. Then do the same thing with Facebook logo. Just because there was a logo change doesn't mean there is now a rule to only use official graphics in a blog.

I understand there is concerns with steemit and branding right now, but imposing restrictions on what people can and can't draw because steemit can't get it together is not the way to do it. I've already seen a number of drawings and renditions of the new logo and they all look fine to me. It's not like steemit is going to be putting out graphics to fill Google images, that is up to the user.