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Dear users!

Our team continues the work on the completely new release of the application. Also, we are finalizing a number of important functionalities. We do not want to advertise the app without implementing them. However, the user base is growing rapidly. There are many users who are not familiar with the Steem ecosystem.

So we decided to record the video guide that shows how to log in to Steepshot.

Hope, it would be useful for newcomers.

Steem on!

More info

FAQ / How to login
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I have done this already, but good video.
What about the roadmap? When do we have the next big milestones?

Thank you for asking. We try to avoid linking to the road map since Steem is an ever-changing ecosystem. In the near future we`ll give all our development priorities in a list.

Having a great time with the app even in its infancy phase. Learned the hard way your description is the actual steemit site permalink... lol.

amigo en google play no sale esa aplicacion como hago para conseguirla yo tengo un sansumg

an interesting innovation

interesting :) I must go and look it

Good video . i like it


It keeps asking "check your app permissions"?

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment