SteemTracked 3.2 - Notifications, Post Viewer, Upvote Calculator

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-- Best Steem Analytics Service --


Steemit User Analytics - Track Your Steem Progress
built with @steemsql (by @arcange)

What's New

Post Viewer

This is where you can locate any of your posts and preview it! There is also a source tab which gives you the code for the post. I find this to be quite beneficial as sometimes we reuse images and layouts.


Your most recent follows, reblogs, replies and transfers will appear in the notifications list. This also gets notifications in real time!

Upvote Calculator

I know @penguinpablo has created an upvote calculator that's accurate. Since SteemTracked deals with pure Steem analytics, it only made sense to have this addition.

Loading Indicator

I've created a smart loading indicator which provides a bar at the top of the page to represent how much data is loading.

SteemTracked Progress

I created the app over a year ago and I'm glad it's still here and been greatly improved. I don't know another service that provides Steem analytics like SteemTracked and that's one of the main reasons why I created it. I'm very open to ideas, I'd love to see what you would like in future updates.

Should You Use SteemTracked?

As a Steem entrepreneur, I personally feel this has helped track my Steem progress. The ultimate goal for me when using SteemTracked is to know all factors to why some posts earn a lot and why some posts didn't live up to its value.

With SteemTracked, I can also see other user's data to get a better view on what factors influenced their successful post. On my other accounts, I've found out my average upvotes per post which put in perspective how many I need to achieve a certain amount.

Bidbots are reigning at the moment which makes it difficult for valuable posts to get its deserved reward. That's why I find it better to rely on statistics than a whale to upvote your post randomly. Open source contributors do have advantages, however the best Steem stats I've analysed came from a user who posted memes and got high earnings!!

In the last 6 months, the above user has almost reached $1k in earnings...

When you see results like that, it may seem near impossible but with tools like SteemTracked you're able to break it down and acknowledge how they do it.

Calculating averages is key

(Using above user's data)

  • Averages 1 post a day
  • Averages $5 per post
  • Averages 34 upvotes per post
  • Averages 8 comments a day

Anyone can do the above, right?

SteemTracked Membership


Send 2 SBD or STEEM to @steemtracked (No memo required)


Send 10 SBD or STEEM to @steemtracked (No memo required)

FREE Up to 7 Days

UPVOTE (min 50%) and RESTEEM the latest post/reblog on @steemtracked's blog while it's active.

FREE membership access will be invalid when the post age is past 7 days and you can either wait for the next post/reblog by @steemtracked or get monthly or annual membership.

FREE membership access is only valid when:

  • While the post is active (before claiming rewards)
  • The upvote hasn't been cancelled


Discord: shango#7892

Feel free to present your ideas and improvements in the comments section.

If you feel this project is good for the Steem Blockchain, feel free to resteem, upvote and comment! Follow @steemtracked for the latest SteemTracked news.

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Brother's excellent post, always brother's success


Thank's very much @juli4n!

Thank you for sharing this it is wonderful to know how you work is doing.

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Thanks for taking the time to acknowledge and compliment this project!

very cool tool!
wish i had this a year ago!


Thanks @bluegums, this project has been around for just over a year but it wasn't as great as it is now.

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Will have to try this. Seems like I need to pull up some business to get it free for a year... =)


Thanks for acknowledging this project :))))

RESTEEMED check it out @


Thanks :)))



U Wlcm

I resteem and upvote!
But I can't use this why?


Hi @hirasane, the most recent post isn't active therefore the free method to access SteemTracked is no longer valid till another post is created.