Upvote and earn free steem dollars - Easy money

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

Hi guys, let's play this game and earn some steem dollars, the rule as following:

1st voter earn $1

10th voter earn $2

20th voter earn $3

30th voter earn $4

40th voter earn $5

50th voter earn $6

60th voter earn $7

70th voter earn $8

80th voter earn $9

90th voter earn $10

100th voter earn $11

110th voter earn $12



990th voter earn $100

1000th voter earn $101

Payout after 24 hours 

Good luck!!!


How will you pay people if you receive 200 votes with 30 downvotes (flags), and ending up receiving only 2.5 SD?

I mean it is "smart" idea to give money to the people as an incentive for voting, but it has nothing to do with quality content, it is basicly tricking money out from the system.

do you realize that the voters between 1 and 10 wont vote as there will be no benefits for them and your plan will go bust?

it's game so they loose nothing :)

remember ealier vote will get paid from steemit also

isnt it against the rules to ask people for votes? reporting just in case

ur going to report in blockchain base social? poor you :p

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