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Problem 1: 

Bots  constantly  reply on their posts to be on top in active section, it make good new posts pushed down and have no chance to get upvotes.


Steemit developers should set delay between two replies of the same user on the same post around 5 minute. But they can reply intantly if there is new comments from other users.

Apart from users, we should flag bots instead upvote them, don't comment on those posts.

Problem 2: 

Many users put so many spam tags on their posts


Steemit developers should limit number of tags in a post  around 3-5.

Sorry for my poor English. Please tell me what you think and your solutions, ty.


You won't and quite literally cannot win this.

As long as there is any financial incentive for bots then there will be bots and people who build them. If you reduce the incentive for humans to post then you actually increase the incentive for bot posting because people won't feel as inclined to make thoughtful and insightful commentary. This is especially true so long as any single whale can drowned out the voices of thousands of users.

The new rules going into effect at the next fork make human posting a dangerous game. You're limited to 4 top level posts a day and one every 6 six hours or you pay a penalty on your earnings for the day. This is true whether you are a bot or a human.

Something needs to be run on a timer to maximize revenue? Check!
Redundant task, that literally no one cares about because if they did the rewards wouldn't so heavily favor automation? Check!

People will flock to bots simply because posting more than 4x daily carries a financial penalty.

Totally wrong minded approach. A better approach would be a tool that gives the minnows some strength to flag spam because you don't really hate the bots, you hate the spam and that's a totally different ballgame.

Posting spam of any kind whether by human or bot should remove your post from the site and cancel all your earnings and posts for 24hrs. That will stop bots. Nothing else will.

The reason is that the spam bots are just griefing you. The fact that they make money is just a bonus. Some people just want to watch the world burn. But they are no different than any other trolls, just much more effective at spreading the message.

Incidentally, I've been discussing building tools that hybridize human & bot to allow the minnows a lot more power than we would otherwise have. It's still a bot, but it's driven directly by your preferences and desires.
Feel free to go there and comment about it, I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts.

We dont need, and cant get rid of bots but if we can have a system that allows us to make them less relevant thats all we need. Kinda what the whole system is built on really. Democracy.

About 1 problem. It can be 2 bots (or even more) that will instant spam one after another.

but if they set delay on replies it will be less spams

Make a bot that will be detecting bots and voting them down. Problem solved :P

your solution wont help anti relying spam

eleminate bots

If u human come to my blog bot has beaten me down ! Such stress fighting bot and whales and poors dont even helping each others here. Stop feeding the rich start giving the poors guys. Wake up!

I hope i have of bot so i can spare myself some time not to peak at this site like every 15 minutes . huhu

the problem is everyone upvote trending post though it dont even pay them a cent

If colorings weren't added to Coca-Cola, it would be green.

Agree , waste of upvote and feeding much to whales . people need to know about that . lets sent them back to school of steem ! Aye aye :p

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