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Ahead of the beta release of Steemsongs we are putting together some documentation to help new users navigate the site. If you are a Python or Blockchain Developer and interested in being involved then please e-mail us.

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Find the username of the person you want to send money to. If you are paying for music you'll be sending it to @steemsongs. You are able to pay in either Steem or SBD. View your own wallet and check that you have enough balance.

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Click the dropdown triangle next to either Steem or SBD to bring up more options.

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To transfer to another account click transfer.

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Enter the amount from your shopping cart on Steemsongs, and enter @steemsongs as the destination "to". You do not need to enter a memo with the transaction.

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Enter your password and sign in to confirm the purchase.

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This transaction will now show up in your transfer history. On the back end @Steemsongs will confirm the transfer and send your songs.


Awesomes! Can't wait to see the product

Excellent idea, this could compete with you know who. They need some competition ,

cool project

Help me clarify this, the beta is still not up right?, i was trying to check the site but is password protected...

Cant wait to the final release of this!...
Also i am sending you an email to be included as an artist...

Hey @dreamrafa we are testing it right now with various people. Hopefully we will put the beta live to the public as soon as we can.

Cool!, i am sending you an email with one of our songs...
So when the beta is available, people will sign up and thats it?, also artists must apply by email or can they simple sign up?

people pay for music???

Hi Brian, right now Steemit has no revenue source, and users have nowhere to spend their Steem. I think it maybe easier to build a music store around an existing community, than to build a music store and try to attract buyers.

no only sheeple do

Do you know what would be COOL? If You guys create a blockchain Sportify APP! You're welcome for the IDEA! Can I have a % when You guys are getting rich???? LOLOLOL

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I didn't know about a music platform on Steemit! I'll accurately read this post, I upvote for now

This is great, awesome work!!!

Need a music streaming service... not this as a stand alone. Incorporate it in the streaming and you have a winner Steemify