13 Ways to Promote Your Next Steemit Post [Infographic]

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I began writing posts on Steemit in Mid-August and ever since then, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of great, high-quality content floating around Steemit that has gone unnoticed. People get frustrated since they put so much effort into a single post, and then they get very weak results. If you’re writing great content, then that’s great. However, writing incredible content is only half the solution. Promoting your content is the other half that many people seem to forget or underestimate.

To help you with this, I’ve created an infographic that you can easily use as a checklist for promoting everything you write. Make sure to save it in case you need it for future reference.


I would also greatly appreciate if you added more ways to promote your content in the comments section to help others out.


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Thanks for this info. I've recently been approved and your content is proving to be very useful at this stage. I'll follow and upvote if still posible.

Thanks, nice tutorial!

Thanks. Very helpful. Now checking out your other posts. I posted this https://steemit.com/travel/@photosrm/hard-way-to-earn-a-living-msasani-rockchoppers in "#travel" -- do you think I used the wrong primary hashtag? I'm new to Steemit and just learning my way around.

Wonderful post.

I like this very much.so great infographic! totally using this as a wallpaper as a reminder.

Thank you for the thoughtful information!

@steemrocket Upvoted and followed! This is a great post and was chosen to feature on the front page of today's 'Steem Talk' edition: https://steemit.com/news/@steemtalk/steem-talk-your-daily-best-of-steemit-digital-newspaper-evening-edition-20

All done! Nice infographic...


Awesome. Thanks powerup.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Very helpful for noobs like me.

great post, i resteemed it!


Thanks a million bigsambucca :)

Great post. Is cross-posting on medium really ok? It isn’t considered plagerism or anything like that?

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