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in steemit •  2 years ago

Is it just my own interpretation or have the votes gone down?

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I don't have stats right this minute, but some of the bots and autovoters are taking a vacation.


Yes, it's a lot quieter. Like an empty funfare --- where's the mad clown?

I've been checking in throughout the day and it's been SLOW. I don't have any numbers but my feeds are NOT moving so not only is it slow with votes, it's slim pickings for decent posts to vote on!

Many had to rejust their bots and I am sure that will be done soon.

I've been off for about three days and got on today, surprised myself at the lesser votes and number of reads.. Some kind of fork in the road, I've noticed some new accounts / many new accounts.. So maybe all the steemers are looking their way or they will be whales soon. I'm not super sure but I feel like with to many new users at once the price has to drop..

And I think it depends when you post also. When I type posts I guess all people are still asleep and when they wake up the post is already somewhere below 100 posts so no chance to find it.

Thank you for posting @steempowerwhale.

Appreciate your query. From experience seems possible there was a lock out of the Steemit website yesterday. eSteem came in handy....through which one could successfully post and upvote.