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This is really useful, thank you ;)

you are the best creator. i love your design. it is very much brilliant and easy to understand.

i wish you add some more details in it so that it would become a highway of knowledge for all of us. but however it is very good to see it.


This is something I was looking for! It can help to explain about steemit.

Thanks for posting! Really useful

Great infographic. It makes it easy to see all the Steemit links! Thanks!

Thanks for sharing. Very helpful.

I really should click on stuff more. I only today got into the currency market for the first time, and I haven't even looked at anything beyond blog/replies/wallet. >XD

~Thomas Duder, Just A Growing Minnow

Great it is best infowhat-is-steemit.jpg

very nice effort keep going like this

Pretty cool stuff

You are inspirational SPW. Good post

Very useful.. Thank you