Easy. You actually stream on to the blockchain and then off again. There would be a delay but in time this will speed up. Thanks for the comment. Stephen

That would mean anyone who wanted to mine that blockchain would have to download every piece of media ever uploaded to the chain. That does not sound at all practical.

I am not a programmer but this is very possible in a future time. There would be a records blockchain for mining or whatever and the streaming sidechain. But however is done we need the futures network speed... :)

Yeah well, I'm not buying the hype here. Blockchains are very useful, but they aren't a one-size-fits-all solution for everything. If the only tool you want to use is a hammer, it doesn't make every problem a nail.

There is no hype on that.. Blockchain is not really a technology, it's more like a policy. Technology comes behind. Anyway no reason to argue on that but everything is possible at the right moment. That's what I know.

If you think that the blockchain is not a technology, then I definitely believe you when you say you aren't a programmer.

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