[ Q & A ] Today we interview SteemPayments.com - Steve Walschot

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My interview with SteemPayments July 31 st, 2016
@steve-walschot | http://www.steempayments.com

Question: We have to ask what got you into Steemit to begin with?

SteemPayments.com: I loved the idea of having a decentralized forum where posts would be kept forever in the blockchain. This has huge potential where others failed to remain neutral and decentralized. The earning system attached to it is also a very great reason to join Steemit!

Question: Where do you see SteemPayments ultimately heading? Can you give an example how someone might use it ?

SteemPayments.com:  SteemPayments is an initiative to prevent where most other cryptographic currencies failed; having decentralised ways to accept payments as merchant or individual. As for now, we always needed to rely on a third party to process those payments.

SteemPayments is fully decentralized, and the end users needs nothing more than just hooking up to a public Steem node, enter his receiving address (account name) in the settings, or API call, and he's ready to receive payments. Without any third party, truly decentralized.If you like to receive donations for your Q&A for example, you could simply use SteemPayments to show your users a nice, friendly UI how to send you a payment without any hassle for both sides.

Question: Do you know of any other projects similar to SteemPayments being done?

SteemPayments.com:  Steem has a huge collection of top notch programmers involved, but their projects are mainly in NodeJS or Python. However, most websites running (and potentialy wanted to accept STEEM) are limited to PHP shared hosting servers.That's where SteemPayments comes to play, since their is no similar project offering this kind of services so far. I'm sure in the future, similar projects will arise since Steempayments will be fully open source.

Question: I know it’s early, but where do you think SteemIt is going in the near future?

SteemPayments.com:  I feel that steemit is still walking in it's baby shoes. There are many things still needed to be learned for everyone involved. However, it has huge potential of growth. Maybe someday, we'll have a decentralized Facebook built on the STEEM chain, who knows.For now, i'll keep tight on my earned Steem's, that's for sure!

Update: Here is the updated GUI:http://steempayments.com/gui1 

Update 2: Here is Steve's opening post for Beta testers! https://steemit.com/steemit/@steve-walschot/first-steem-payment-gateway-ready-soon-looking-for-feedback-opinions-and-testers Thanks for reading! If you are interested in being interviewed send us an email: steemitqa@gmail.com .
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Thank you @steemitqa for the interview, it was an honor of being the first one :)
Also thanks for promoting steempayments as it will become an important tool for everyone!

Here's the link to the most recent update by the way :)

And some teaser


Welcome! Glad to have you has my first one. I'm busy perfecting it also :) I'm looking forward to seeing how all this plays out with Steempayments.com :) I agree that it will be a very important tool.

edit: Love the teaser! :)

Tq for da update .:)



This project is very important for the development of the ecosystem steemit


Thanks Mixa! I have a few more interviews lined up with the movers & shaker of Steemit! :) Thanks for stopping by.

Good read, I seen the steempayments a few days ago and was under the impression it was some sort of paypal for steem type idea... correct or no?


@mrwang yes, Steempayments will be a 'paypal' for Steemit. Allowing people to actually pay in Steem for items , services etc.,etc. Good to see you here! :)

We are witnessing the development of a new financial ecosystem. It is very exciting.


@gikitki I couldn't agree more. A marketplace through content is very exciting.

Nice I look forward to the next one:)


Thanks @thecryptofiend another one is in the works as we speak! :) make sure to follow me. I'll follow back.