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THIS PERSON IS a scammer.png

Today, my friend @crypto.hype posted a post on Steemit and received a Comment from @mateutz12 a new user that has just joined Steemit this month!

He/She seems to leave Comments all over Steemit, and I’ve noticed that each of them have a link which the account will try to get you to click, with hopes of redirecting you to a fake ''Steemit post''. At first, you may think that it’s just a normal link to a different Steemit Post but after some observation, I’ve noticed that I have to sign-in back into Steemit after being redirected.

It turns out that it’s a clone Steemit Website, that has nothing to do with


Please take a look at the external Link provided as it will start ‘’ș’’ which is an S-comma & not a ''s''.

www.ș is 100% a fake/decoy Website

Watch Out.png

You technically won’t be signed out from your Steemit Account but when you get redirected to this page and decide to respond to that comment, you’ll be tricked into signing-in via your Personal Steemit Account Username & Password.

This allows these scammers to retrieve your Account details and swipe your Account clean. A similar attempt to what has been documented of a Binance phishing scam circulating online, so I advise you to be extra Careful when being redirected by an external link. Don’t sign-in, just to leave a Comment and end up losing access to your Account


I hope the Steemit Community can flag this Account's post as the Scammer is spamming the entire network looking for its next innocent Victim, we need to act fast.

We also need to investigate, if there is more evidence of other accounts that engage in this sort of Criminal Activity. Criminals like this can create multiple Accounts to lure more innocent people in, we might need to flag every posts associate to this to warn others. I hope this Post spreads online, so that no one becomes a victim to this elaborate scam

Lesson Learned from this:

  1. Double Check any Re-directed Link
  2. Don't Sign-in into an unfamiliar Site
  3. Background Check a User's Account
  4. Flag anyone if they commit to Criminal Activites on Steemit
  5. Develop a Habit to use the Posting Key to sign-in


Please tag any User in this post that you feel is using this dirty Tactic. So that we can flag their Account to Zero in our free time.... I'll try my Best to go after them, however I do appreciate some help and don't worry about these Scammers, they deserve all the Red Flags that we as a Community can give


Stay Safe


The same thing is happening with @fierito, he's a friend of mine, his account has been hacked and now is spreading the fishing.

Edit: The account has been recovered (it has been really fast) and he is going to delete all phishing comments.

Seems to happen a lot on Steemit now! Another Users on my list got his account recovered today. We can't simply flag an account, it's a pity because once an Account has been recovered, users are left with a negative Reputation. I feel bad, it's like a virus that spreads all over Steemit

Jeezus. I'm resteeming this to spread the word.

Me too!

Good work getting this out there @steemitguide !! i will resteem your post to my folowers ! Yeah well why Steemit when its far easier to Stealit ??

Eesh, that's insane. I will resteem this to make sure the word gets around. Thanks heaps for this information.

Thanks for the info @steemitguide! I will Resteem this today.

damn, first it is "steemwit" and now this, that shit is real subtle. Sucks for people who use legitimate links because now people will be afraid to click on them.

True that! I'm really scared now because its really hard to notice and those who don't take precaution are going to fall victim to this elaborate scam

I am afraid it will screw up my charity trolling

Thank you so much for spreading this. It's so devious. Resteemed buddy

Thanks buddy for reaching out to me! I just had to write a Post to warn others about this, luckily your Account is safe. It's a good thing we inform so no one falls victim to this

You can double check the web site by hovering your mouse over the link before you click on it. Be careful because links can be renamed to hide the hover before you click!

I've been asked to sign in a few times. I don't know why that happens as I have not clicked on a link. I never re sign in. I refresh the page and it's fine.

Remember NEVER EVER give out your password. Steemit does not ask for your Owner Key. Don't use your Owner Key. You don't need it.

Here's info about the keys

The POSTING KEY is used for posting and voting.

The ACTIVE KEY is used to make transfers and place orders in the internal market.

That's a small detail on the "s". I don't know it would have caught my eye.

It's a good lesson for any web sites too. I don't go on unsecured websites .... meaning those with http and no s. But ya on here that's a sneaking s.

Great job @steemitguide. i just wonder why people would want to scam others of their hard work,This is terribe.i am going to resteem this.

Fraudsters are everywhere trying every means to defraud people. We just have to be very careful and watchful.
Thanks @steemitguide for the revelation and information.

Thanks for sharing

Sneaky little turds, little scammy Mcscammersons. Nice catch and way to send out the alert.

nice work. thanks for looking out for us.

No One deserves to lose access to their Steemit Account, especially like this!

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Thanks @steemitguide. Indeed you're indeed a compass and guide to steemit. Just read your posts on markdown and it really helped. I'll resteem this post.

what a slick trick. I don't even know how to create that character...


looks like the scammer has already been flagged down to 0; good job

very useful for everyone for the info you give thanks friends

Thanks for the heads up! Also, thanks for this tip: "Develop a Habit to use the Posting Key to sign-in" - definitely doing this from now on.

Oh wow thanks for the info got to check my followers and who I followed because this name looks familiar. Glad for the help will resteem so my friends will know too.

very useful for everyone for the info you give thanks friends

Thank you for this information. Resteemed

I also received a comment from this person in my last post, thanks to @crypto.hype that made me the warning I did not fall for the scam. With your permission, I will translate this publication into Spanish to make it known to the Hispanic community and thus avoid future frauds.
Very grateful with the information @steemitguide

You're definitely allowed to warn others! Feel Free too


Thanks for the advance warning. Got to stay vigilant with more users joining there is bigger potential of being scammed.

So many reports on this issue,
It's crazy!

This scammer news is so alarming. Thank you for the info. We need to be more observant before clicking some suspicious link.

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Hi, My account was hacked. Spam was sent out on my behalf. I ask you to forgive me and remove the flag. I really want to regain my reputation. I removed all the spam comments.

Hi, My account was hacked. Spam was sent out on my behalf. I ask you to forgive me and remove the flag. I really want to regain my reputation. I removed all the spam comments.
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@mrgunk was another one as well. He was leaving messages and a redirection to that exact close link everywhere on a page of ours.

woaahhh!!!😨😨😨I just join steem and I came across something similar, in my own case stumbled across an “ė” instead of just the alphabet “e”... then I had to read a little about security here on steem and posts like yours. Thanks very much for this post, kinda keeps us newbies at alert🚨
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