Infographic List of 2018 Steem-based Applications

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To sum up the growth of Steem's Ecosystem, I've made this infographic of the latest developments that are currently active on Steem's Blockchain. Steem has been operational for over 2 years but has managed to onboard thousands of users and has attracted several entrepreneurs interested in it's distributed ledger & growing community

''We can expect more projects in the future as the general public has yet to explore all the opportunities that Steem's Blockchain has to offer since it allows developers to build decentralized applications on top of it''

Some creative individuals have shown their support by utilizing the fundamental technology powering this platform. This post is dedicated to sum up the existing applications that are operational, and the end-result of a dedicated Steemian (nickname for Steemit User)

So it's actually possible, to develop custom applications on top of Steem? Like most users, you may have discovered which is just a user-interface built on top Steem, a Blockchain that is capable of doing so much more besides just being a social media platform. Over the following years, entrepreneurs will realize the opportunity that blockchain technology has to offer, those contributing to Steem are essentially bootstrapping the digital currency that is designed for micro-transactions, social networking & distribution of wealth

Keep in mind that this community is still the adoption phase, with more active users there will be a growing demand for services to be established, it helps that a distributed ledger like Steem makes it easy for developers to work with its data. Make sure to follow me @steemitguide as I will be reviewing each of these Steem-based services in the near future

Steem's blockchain is already capable of supporting every kind of blockchain application you can conceive. Let's sum up some of the existing ones;

Steem Applications: - The most popular Steem user-interface that designed for Blogging


Dtube- Decentralized Video Hosting Platform


AskSteem - Get Paid for Asking & Answering Question


ChainBB - An Internet forum, or message board designed for online discussion


Esteem- Mobile Application to browse Steem Content

Zappl - Twitter-like, short-form Social media network


MangoSteem - Decentralized Messenger


Busy - Next Generation Social Network

SteepShot- A social networking App made for sharing Photos and Videos


DSound - A Decentralized online audio distribution platform


Developers Tools

Piston - Command line tool to interface with the STEEM network

SteemData - Offers a public database layer for STEEM blockchain


SteemJ - A simple wrapper to enable the access of the Steem web socket API through Java


Utopia - A project that aims to reward Open Source contributors for their work, startup incubator

SteemSQL - A publicly available Microsoft SQL database containing all the Steem blockchain data


User Services

Streemian - Automate common tasks, schedule posts, & create a Curation Trail


Peerhub - P2P Marketplace that accepts Steem/Steem Dollar


SteemVoter - A tool that allows users to automate Upvotes


SteemConnect2 - A tool to help you connect to Third-party applications


SteemDB - Open source Steem blockchain explorer


SteemSpeak - A Steemit Centric Community that welcomes users to have discussion over the phone


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Thank you @steemitguide those links are very useful. Especially this one I need this, thank you.

To check Follower and unfollower/mute you can use this link

Nice overview :) btw, its utopiaN ;)
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Thank you very much, correction made there ^^

Great list!

I knew about most of these services, but a few is new to me :)

Man, you have a PHD in steemit, it's actually insane haha, top notch as usual. Thanks Dr.Steem. is another one I've been using a bit recently. Also
Heaps of information if you know where to look. Great guide, thanks.


Really cool services that helps you keep track of Stats!

Holy crap so many listed and explained in one place. I am definitely giving this a like and a resteem so that the word is spread.

Such a good ecosystem with these great tools and lots more to come.

Thanks for assembling all that.

Thanks for the share, this is very useful to me~! I only know half of them and will need time to familiarise with a few of them which may be useful to me

This is a goldmine for people new to the platform and everything around it. Thank you so much for taking the effort of putting all this together! Great!


Appreciate this positive Comment!


Its the truth though. keep up the good work, I would say! :) And of course thank you!

Awesome stuff I actually never knew some of the services that you mentioned existed!

Nice overview!

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Your article help me save time looking.
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Very informative, thanks for sharing. Every time I read a post like this, I'm amazed at how much creativity and innovation is at work in the Steemit ecosystem!

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