First Duplicated Post Error. Please don't upvote this!steemCreated with Sketch.

in #steemit2 years ago (edited)

Horrible Internet in Malaysia or something wrong with Steemit Network, this resulted me in publishing my Post Twice!


this happened to me as well ; with the same as the previous reply - so i just edit the post that i had made the first time, and changed the content ; this way it is not just useless information ; perhaps this could be something to be upvoted for the awareness of the problem with the connection to steemit itself ?

I'll look into it! There are several error messages that will appear when using Steemit for various reason. However this error seems to be really bothering me, and i'm not sure what I did wrong since it's more of a Network error

I think not the internet problem. It's more to do with the "Transaction broadcast error" which makes a lot of people think it did not post.
So, the click post again. I personally know the record of 4 posts so far.
I manage to avoid so far by checking my blog page and refresh a few times for a minute until I'm quite sure it didn't post. :-)

yeah! Kinda noticed "Transaction broadcast error" message, for some reason it happens everytime I post now. I'll look into it, hopefully this won't happen again :P

me too. it is so CONSISTENT now that everytime i see it i'm quite sure it's posted LOL