SteemitGamer Day 1 Introduction Post And Stream (Stream Over)

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Hello I'm steemitgamer and for now on I'm going to be streaming live on steemit.
If they ever decide to add twitch embed we will be switching over to a twitch stream which is a lot easier.

Just click play to watch the the Video Of The Stream

So a little about my self, I'm a gamer an started in early 90's as a child games was always something i naturally gravitated towards. Since then i have played games on pc's and just about every console ever made. One of my favorites was Atari one of my all time favorite games was Frogger and many other games which were included in the recent version of it i had bought. Typical Mario player i also loved super Nintendo and have since had all the Game Boys and hand held devices i could get my hands on.

So My mission here is to be one of the first to bring live streaming games to steemit and hope people enjoy the content i produce. I would love to get to know other Gamers and play with you guys while i stream. I plan to live stream a lot of different games and hopefully play games with you guys in the community.

If anyone has any idea for games to play please feel free to suggest them below.


Next Day of streaming will be starting in an hour or so also the streaming issues have been fixed and you will be able to watch the live stream.