Another 500 stickers to market steemit

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We @steemitee take marketing seriously and do our best to make Steemit a social media platform with the most users among it's competitors. We've taken it as our assignment to make Steemit as common reference point as Facebook is today. This would however require immense amount of work and planning. Our motto is to do things right as effectively and efficiently as we possibly can.
We are currently in the middle of forming a non-profit organization to make ourselves more established and organized, we're doing so to give anyone access to join our cause locally to make Steemit the greatest social media platform out there.
We're consulting with @ned to make sure our legal side of things is good and all worked out before we make the commitment of moving further.
Since launch of @steemitee, the marketing team has tripled in size and has given away over 500 stickers as our first marketing campaign. The first stickers ran out, so we decided to make more. We ordered another batch of 500. We changed the font to impact, because the first batch didn't make enough of it. We expect to continue our marketing journey and keep everyone updated trough @steemitee blog.
Thanks for reading.

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Good job! Le me know how I can help!


so what do the tickets do as of now? any more updated info on this would be appreciated


I actually have no idea.

The project sounds very good! and that would help us all! :D thank you for that :)

awesome idea lets do it!!!

nice and follow me i following you

I would love to help market steemit. We have an art space in Austin, tx where many people come through everyday. I posted a steemit placard so people would get to know me. Great idea! if anyone want s to send us some stickers or promotion tools, please do!

I need some stickers to pass out!

Awesome! I'm new to steemit but I guess we should all market it!!😄