Stale Account Info Due to Caching Error

in #steemit4 years ago

Starting at 5:50 AM Eastern time, a data caching error caused and other applications leveraging Steemit’s HTTP API to display stale account history data. The fact that multiple applications displayed this information lead some users to believe that the issue was with the Steem blockchain, however, that was not the case. At no time was the blockchain affected and therefore at no time were follower counts, posts, or funds at risk.

We are still investigating the exact cause of the original caching error and should have fixes deployed within 24 hours. We have also instituted fixes which ensure that if the bug does appear again it will not result in stale account history being displayed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Team Steemit


Too much centralization around these APIs...

Too good to be true. Is this an incident report?

It is a badly done incident report.
And I should know that business.
But it is a step in the right direction:))

Lol I believe it is

Agree with @steevc we must have a separate announcement page or channel.

Oke .. thank for information ..

I can breath now.

When steemit crashing , I was very scared.
But after about 1 hour it was turned on again,
I was very happy and exciting also...
Thanks Steemit team for notice us...

You are pretty fast! The hardest bugs to solve are that which are hard to reproduce, as this one may be, I am afraid. Good luck with it and hope we will hear good news from you guys soon!

Thank you for new update! Waiting for new update soon to be better!

Well, it's good to hear that from your side! I'm pretty sure a lot of users were a bit concerned (myself included) about this, because nobody knew exactly what's wrong.

good to know :)

me and a couple of others had more or less puzzled out it was something to do with caching.

I was wondering what that was. Thanks for the heads up! I thought my time machine actually worked this time!

Thank your for your explanation, @steemitdev.

I hope Team Steemit can resolve the probleem soon.

This is my report on my community in Jakarta at the time the problem. Sorry, it is still in Bahasa Indonesia.

Thank you for the informations! We can solve all problems!

Thank you, @steemitdev We appreciate your watching out for us.

@steevc true talk, steemit needs an official page like all other social media, as a matter of fact , I will suggest that an important update like this be received on every steemians page.This will keep us abreast of recent antecedent and unfolding events.

I took it as a sign that I needed to go to bed lol. Left me a little confused that early in the morning why I was only seeing blogs/comments saying they where 12 or more day old and everything more recent being missing.

Thanks you for communicating with the community in regards to this outage.

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