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Imagine this for a moment.

You are an average guy working hard to get ahead in life. There’s one problem… You made some bad decisions when you were younger and ended up with a big amount of credit card debt which has been following you around for years! This debt is holding you and your family back because every spare dollar you earn goes towards late fees and you can’t even pay off the principle it’s grown so big.

Unfortunately, this is a true story, I’m the guy who ended up with a credit card debt totalling $15,767.90 and I have been struggling to pay this off, it's been crippling me financially for way too long.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 1.03.58 pm.png

There is some great news! Last week I had a discussion with my bank and they offered me a payout deal, I had no idea this was even possible!

Here’s how it works. When a bank determines you’re a high risk they offer you a payout figure which is a less then the total balance owed on the credit card, if you can pay this figure in the agreed upon timeframe they will forgive the remaining debt, close your account and best of all, this doesn’t report badly on your credit.

My bank offered me a payout figure totalling 50% of the outstanding amount.
My outstanding amount is: $15,767.90
The payout figure is: $7,883.95

I have 15 days to come up with $7,883.95 or I miss the opportunity to finally live debt free and start getting ahead in life!

I’ve been a Steemit supporter and advocate since the very early days and really believe in the collective power this community provides. Now I ask you to use some of your superpowers to help me with my problem.

Steemians, Steemit and Busy Communities, help me make this post go viral!
My goal is to raise the finds I need by getting this post seen by as many people on Steemit as possible over the next 7 days.

How To Help

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Comment world of encouragement below

Please, please, please help me change my life and live debt free for the first time in 10 years!

Let’s do this Steemit :)


Hope you made it! :)

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Thanks for talking about how credit card debt can effect people's lives. This is something that needs to be known.

Banks worldwide do so even with other debts. It might be you have to prove for a period you are willing to pay off. Even if Steemians are not able to help you can pay this off yourself.
And save so you can offer an amount to the bank/company yourself which might be even lower.

In the Netherlands every debt and loan (also phone cells) are registered. Banks/companies will ask this information before you can get a credit card at all and the amount you can loan is limited/has to cover your income versus the possibility to pay off. After you payed off it will stay registered for the next 5 years!

I hope you at least had fun for that amount.

How were you able to get the bank to agree to not report the account as "settled for less than owed" to the credit bureaus? I think that's the key here, as most banks and CC companies will report the account closing as derogatory if settled for less than the full amount.

Congrats on getting a great agreement with your bank though! That's a big savings!

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