Happy Birthday Steemit! 2 Years!

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The Steem blockchain is now running for 2 years.

Thank you Steemit for creating such an amazing platform 2 years ago!

Memories … Memories

The very first accounts on the Steemit blockchain were created on 2016-03-24 17:00:03. They were 3 of them: @admin, @dark and @nxt1.

3 seconds later, 4 additional accounts were created: @dantheman, @nxt, @nxt2, and @administrator.

We will have to wait 2016-03-31 14:21:45 to see @ned to appear.

Since then, the number of users on Steemit has never stopped to grow.

The first (baby) boom

For many of us, the Steemit story started in July, 2016.

It is at this moment that Steemit really made its first boom with a massive arrival of new users, jumping up to 100K users in September, 2016. This what somewhat comparable to the raise we have been experiencing since May, 2017.

After years of existence, we now have 880K registered users on Steemit, with an average of 175K active users per month.

Happy Birthday, Steemians!

Do you remember when you registered your account. If it is more than a year ago, then SteemitBoard you already received your first “Happy Birthday” award. And soon, you will celebrate your 2 years on Steemit.

SteemitBoard will celebrate it with you and has prepared a nice award that every user being registered on Steemit for two years will receive.

This award will be displayed in your personal tab on your board of honor.

Of course, you can reuse it in your post to show your fellow Steemians you’re kind of a veteran on Steemit.

For those who joined us recently, you will have to be a bit patient. But do not worry, on your first anniversary of your registration, you will also receive a nice award.

SteemitBoard wish you an Happy Birthday!

PS: You will receive a notification with your new award. Since there will be a lot of notifications to send, it can take a while. @steemitboard is currently limited by its available bandwidth to the number of notifications it can send. By upvoting this post or the notifications you receive, you give @steemitboard more power to communicate with you and all Steemit’s users.

Thank you for your support!

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Happy birthday!

I just wanted to know how you receive awards?

I've seen a few and realised I meet the spec you award for but haven't received anything yet.

For example you awarded someone for posting 4 times a day. i have done this several times and in fact i posted 6 pieces of good quality content today.

i look forward to hearing from you as i take steemit really seriously.


Happy birthday!

I just wanted to know how you receive awards?

I've seen a few and realised I meet the spec you award for but haven't received anything yet.

For example you awarded someone for posting 4 times a day. i have done this several times and in fact i posted 6 pieces of good quality content today.

i look forward to hearing from you as i take steemit really seriously.


Happy Birthday to Steemit!

Dui bosor hoye gelo

Shuvo jnmodin

It’s crazy to think Steemit has only been around 2 years. I’ve been here sense December 2017 and it feels like 2 years! 😂 Thanks for the post!


It us crazy man.real crazy

Happy Birthday Steemit!!! I am very much glad and proud to steemit for creating such kind of platform. when i followed facebook and saw million of peoples spending there useful time by like, share and posting something. but for that they didn't get any profit. only few selected person got profit. though i know about steemit so late on later of last year. i think "late better then never." Now i m happy steemians. I am walking foot by foot. Once upon a time I will be bigger steemians, I believe this. Also I believe that only steemit have ability to defeat Bitcoin. And that faithfulness is more more logical. There have lot of logic why bitcoin will be behind steem. One most logical logic is steem blockchain is such kind of platform where any one can use his 24 hours movement/activity in a word everything. First of all he should knows his ability to using the steem blockchain. Let see an example: the elephant most powerful animal but she is not king of the Jungle because she doesn't move her neck behind to see her tail for that she totally unknown her total power. So a steemians should know what is the ability of steem blockchain. Thanks @steemboard and @arcange for such kind of post.

Happy birthday steemit...:)

Thanks @steemitboard and @arcange. I am new here and as a quest lover and a collector in real life, I really enjoy collecting your badges. My goal is collect as many badges as I can. Thank you once again for everything that you have done for the Steemit community.


Hey @takosdiary. I'm glad you enjoy collecting SteemitBoard's badges.
There will be more to come. Stay tuned!


@zublizainordin says I am one of those Steemians dear @arcange #arcange affirms #zublizainordin

Thank you @steemitboard and @arcange, you are one of the reason why I like steemit this much. I write an article about steemitboard in Vietnamese today, hope that more people will join on board. I wish you success.


Thank you. Post resteemed!

Congregation. Two years have passed, our favorite is this steemit. I hope this platform will move better than the last days. Let's bring gifts for the next day to all of us. I am very happy.

Happy Birthday, Steemit! Thanks to @steemitboard and @arcange you did a Good Job ! You help is very much appreciated.


congratulation !

Happy birthday, may be more useful for mankind, become a unifying tool and peacemaker interfaith, ethnic and nation. I'm with you steemit.

congratulation and happy birthday to steemit.many many happy returns of the day of steemit. @steemitboard

Congratulations and success always, we beginners miss this, hopefully this anniversary celebration will not last only 1.2.3 years, but in the year 100, they are celebrating anniversary of a century, I say they may be our age not until 100 years, but our future generations continue your work, once again happy 2nd anniversary, continue to work all the time.


hopefully this anniversary celebration will not last only 1.2.3 years, but in the year 100

We will have to prepares hundreds of celebration badges ... ;)


Sounds cool!!!

Happy birthday to steemit

Wow!!! Happy Birthday!!! Many more to come!

wow, great! Congrats!!

Wszystkiego najlepszego w imieniu Polaków :)

Happy b'day to steem..

Thanks for creating the Steemitboard @arcange. I remember this was one of the first 'app' that I registered on Steemit


I remember this was one of the first 'app' that I registered on Steemit

Wow, such an honor.


Thank you!

Wow! Am so excited, happy birthday steemit,
God bless this day,
God bless all the developers!
God bless steemians!
Long live steemit!


Happy birthday to steemit.
This has been a wonderful platform everything ever since i join, has never been thesame. I have learnt a lot beyond what i ever have in mind.


Same here, you keep learning new stuff almost everyday on steemit and the encouragement from each other even without words is amazing! I draw motivation by simply viewing other steemit user's blog. I am loving every moment of it here.

Happy Birthday Steemit!!!!

Happy Birthday Steemit, I look forward to my first birthday IMG-20151014-WA0003[1].jpg


We will be there to celebrate!


Thank you!


Congratulation steemit on your 2nd anniversary...

Happy birthday... steemit.

I've enjoyed using it.
It was my motivation for getting started and growing.

Ooops... I was thinking you meant Steemit Board. But, happy birthday Steemit too.

It's very cool! I congratulate all the first Steemians! It is very important to know and remember how it all started here. Thank you for your rewards for us.


Nice one! I've only been here for a bit, so I'm being patient. This is awesome. I plan to help the blockchain just as soon as I get another more powerful server that can run Docker worth a dang.


Can't wait to offer you your first birthday badge ;)


I'll be looking for it.

Feliz cumpleaños #2, en mi caso apenas he empezado en la red en este mes de Marzo y ansío cumplir o celebrar muchos años en esta gran familia .


Gracias! Feliz cumpleaños!

Feliz cumpleaños steemit y a @steemitboard.

2 Years old steemit. Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday

i do remember steemitboard that always send me notification to motivated me,
happy birthday steemit and more years to come

Happy birthday Steem it! i wish you more years to come

happy birthday steemit, i feel happy using this platform,

Happy Anniversary. more power.

Felicitaciones para Steemit que a lo largo de dos años ha reivindicado el talento de su comunidad en pro de la construcción de una nueva internet orientada a la generación de conocimiento. Es deber de nosotros, sus integrantes, preservar a Steemit garantizando contenidos de calidad. Las opiniones antes expresadas las detallo en el siguiente post:

Wish you a happy birthday 🎂

Happy birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday @steemitboard God Bless this platform.

Congratulations to Steemit on reaching this fabulous milestone!

Happy birthday@steemitboard

Happy Birthday to you Steemit!

good post..

Feliz cumpleaños desde Venezuela, gracias a sus innovaciones puedo cumplir mis sueños, de verdad gracias.

Happy birthday Steemit, and i am proud to be an Steemian. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Happy birthday, wishing you all the best and stay awesome! Great thank for Steemit fathers!

Happy birthday 🎁

Congratulations Steemit!


Keep rising @steemitboard and @arcange. Happy 2nd Birthday! Thank you for supporting us and I wish you the best of best and more powers to come.

wonderful post...I appreciate your steemit...
thanks for sharing..

im new in here but happy birthday steemit.

el tiempo pasa volando, felicidades, algunas personas desconfían cuando los sitios son muy recientes, pero steemit, sigue adelante y brinda mas y mas confianza a sus usuarios. saludos y felicitaciones

many thanks steemitboard !!!

Hbd for steemit, thank you

Awesome. Lets keep growing together! May Steemit have 1000 more birthdays!

Happy Birthday, be a proud team we are !!!!!

Can´t wait to see more years coming after. 😋

Thanks for sharing!

your @mynaturebody 🌱

Happy Birthday with many more successful years to come Steemit💗 💗 💗

Happy birthday to steemit!!

2 years and 879743 users! not bad;)

Wow time so fast its 2years already😊

Happy Birthday steemit

Happy Birthday.... and many more!!!! :-)

Thank you for participating in the event

Happy birthday steemit year 2, thanks you you give me a something special application. Maybe I don't know whatever about steemit but my friend says try you play steemit because steemit is good in application @steem @steem @sirajalfarizqi @life @application

Happy birthday steemit

I think that the most beautiful part of the blockchain was created -
Steemit blockchain!
Let her turn around the sun, this wonderful community, a lot of beautiful years.
Happy birthday, dear Steem's friends, colleagues, team,
Happy Birthday!

Nice post

Congratulation and Happy Birthday to Steemit... Thank you for supporting us...


Happy birthday to you.

Congratulations steemit board

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Happy birthday steemit....thanks you

Wow! Happy birthday to this great platform, steemit
I am looking forward to celebrate my one year anniversary on steemit

All the best and for another 2 years. You are doing a great job.

wow good

Happy Birthday, Steemit!!! @arcange thanks! 👍🎂🍸


What you guys are doing with Steemit is amazing. Steemit is the future and I am excited to be here now as Steemit Blossoms into tomorrow. Happy Birthday Steemit @steemitboard @arcange Wish you guys many many more!!! Thank You.

Happy Birthday for all of us

Wish all it the best

Happy Birthday Steemit!

It was my birthday too ;)