Steemit Update [ May 17th, 2024 ] : Community Curators for June - Applications Open

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We hope you are all enjoying another month of the Community Curators.

For June we have decided to try something different.

This time we are revisiting the old team application idea - but with a new twist.

The Community Curators for June

For June we are inviting people interested in becoming Community Curators to apply in teams of three.

The members of each team should all be of different nationalities and live in different countries.

They should also not be Admins or Moderators in the same communities.

To allow a broader range of people to have the experience of being Community Curators the minimum SP requirement for each team member will only be 5000 SP of their own (not delegated).

However each team must have a total combined SP of 45000 SP.

For June, Team Burn and Team Newcomer will be suspended.

All seven teams will be free to vote on any types of post as long as they are not plagiarized or created by AI.

One of the teams will be the lucky holders of the bigger @steemcurator03 account (1 million SP). The other teams will each have around 700K SP.

We want teams to look beyond communities. There are many good posts that are outside of any communities - just directly on people’s personal blogs.

Teams should seek these out.

The Curation Teams in June should allocate a portion of their voting power for voting on the best comments.

High quality relevant comments add extra richness to the Steem blogging ecosystem.

Good comments can be as interesting and as valuable as good posts.

We want good comments to be encouraged and rewarded.

How to Apply as a Community Curator Team

One member of the team should make a post including…

  • Details of each team member, including their history on Steem and any positions of responsibility they have held on the platform

  • The nationality, languages and country of residence of each team member

  • The key stats of each team member (own SP, CSI, Reputation, Delegations)

  • The total combined SP owned by the three team members.

Keep posts brief and easy to follow. Include the tag #curatorapplication in the first four tags.

Applications can be made in any language.

Posts should be submitted by 11.59pm UTC, on Sunday, May 26th, 2024.

How Community Curators will be rewarded

Every day all teams will be allowed to allocate one full vote to a member’s post - ideally in rotation.

In total no more than 10% of the account’s voting power should be used on team members each week.

Additionally each week one member should post a report for the team in the Steem POD community with a list of their top 7 posts, with a brief note of why each post was chosen.

These posts should set beneficiaries to share the rewards with other members of the team.

The posts will be voted by @steemcurator01.

Thank you to this month’s Community Curators. You are all welcome to apply again for June.

The new Curation Teams will be announced by the end of the month, with a view to starting at the beginning of June.

As this new team application process will be quite experimental we reserve the right to hand pick teams if not enough suitable teams apply.

Finally we would like to remind everyone that they should not contact the Community Curators asking for votes, or to be selected as a Post of the Week. Anyone found doing this may be barred from receiving any @steemcurator0x or @booming votes.

The Steemit Team


Greetings steemit team, wow a new modality of quite renewed and dynamic, I want to express my availability to join a team

Discord: wilmer1988#7749

Hello sir can I join your team.


Nice to see changes, I hope to see interesting teams postulating. I am willing to work with anyone who want to make a team.

I am from Venezuela and my Discord is Alejos7ven#2590

Greetings from me,

This is very good idea which was used in past and now we are using. I'm also interested for same, I've current steem power 9,291.410 SP-

My self - @pathanapsana
MOD( Hindwhale Community)
Discord : pathanapsana#5145

These changes make great reading! They seem sensible and purposeful to me - thank you very much! Incidentally, the new concept reminds me a little of "Team Freestyle", with which I was able to let off steam for a month last year without any further rules or restrictions ;-))

Unfortunately, I can't spare the time again at the moment, but I would like to... Until it fits again, I wish the teams a lucky hand!

Maravilloso! Me gustaría formar parte de algún equipo.
Soy de Venezuela.
Discord: anailuj1992#8404

Can I work with you

please check your DM.

I love seeing the changes.I hope interesting teams See you posting I want to work with every team Who wants to make a team.

Oh, thank you steemit team for this great opportunity. I am open to work with any team that deem me fit. I'm a MOD in two communities (steemladies and steem4nigeria) and willing to work diligently with my team.

Nationality: Nigeria
My discord: ninapenda

Hi if you are available to build a team. Contact me here : Discord : SHOHANA#7389
Nationality : Bangladesh
SP : 14k

Thank you!

Wow, believe you me I was waiting for such exiting news. Finally, I am eligible to apply for it. I'm sure this initiative will be definately helpful for the ecosystem of Steemit. Thank you Steemit blog for this opportunity. Surely, we are ready to apply for this dynamic.

Discord : Aalia Rubab#3040

Thank you !

I want to join you 🥺

The both of you are from the same country

Same country and same Community 😬.

Alright 👍

Hi @aaliarubab

I've 14k sp with experience.

Can I contact you on discord abdullahw2 is my username

Friend request sent. Thanks

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