Steemit Update [ March 4th, 2024 ] : Steem Representatives - Applications Invited

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It is 6 months since the last round of Steem Representative appointments.

Since their appointment all the Reps have done a great job in helping to guide and develop the community.

Now it is time to move on to the next phase of building the team of Steem Representatives.

Expanding the Steem Representatives

In the last round back in September thirty Steem Representatives were appointed.

Our ultimate goal is to have forty Reps in place - that should give the depth required to really develop the Steem community around the world.

Unfortunately since September a few of the Reps have stepped down so it will be quite a challenge to find suitable people to reach the full target.

To ensure everyone has a fair chance we would like the existing Reps to reapply alongside new candidates.

We want to recruit the best, keenest and most dedicated Steemians wherever they are from.

The new Representatives should have demonstrated a long term commitment to Steem, have a thorough knowledge of how Steem works, be actively engaged both within communities and beyond, and be willing to help people across the whole platform.

They should particularly be keen and willing to give advice and guidance to Steemians both new and old, both through commenting and through direct communication.

As well as generally promoting Steem, Representatives should also actively promote and support new projects and initiatives launched by Steemit Inc and Tron.

Rewards for Steem Representatives

Steem Representatives will be rewarded in two ways - through a delegation and through votes on weekly reports.

As we are keen to reward commitment to the platform, the delegation will increase according to the amount of Steem Power a Representative has…

  • Representatives with at least 17,500 SP will receive a delegation of 5,000 SP.

  • Representatives with at least 35,000 SP will receive a delegation of 10,000 SP.

  • Representatives with at least 70,000 SP will receive a delegation of 20,000 SP.

Steem Reps are also invited to make weekly reports which are rewarded with votes from @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02. Reps should limit their reports to one report per week, which should be posted in the Steem POD community.

These reports should not just be lists of people voted for in the past week. They should include details of contests, events or other activities they have organised in the week to support Steemians across the platform, as well as any issues they have encountered.

Steem Reps will also be given preferential voting support for activities and contests they organise.

Applying to be a Steem Representative

As mentioned above existing Reps will need to reapply if they would like to continue as Steem Representatives.

We are also very much looking for new people to come forward to become Steem Representatives. It does not matter how many other Reps there are in your country, or how many other Steemians there are in your country.

Steem Reps will be a very important part of the future growth of Steem so we are keen to appoint people who demonstrate long term commitment to the platform.

People applying to become Steem Representatives therefore should meet the following criteria…

  • Active on the platform for at least the past 6 months
  • At least 17,500 SP of their own (not delegated)
  • A reputation of at least 70
  • Have a CSI and voting pattern that clearly demonstrates that they are already supporting other Steemians across the platform.

Applicants should also be generally active in the wider community through curation, commenting, organising contests, or other activities.

Steem Reps must also not have recently powered down and they should actively support the #club system.

Users of bid bots or voting services will not be considered.

To apply to become a Steem Representative you should make an application post showing clearly and succinctly how you meet all the criteria above.

You should also say, in no more than 200 words, why you think you would make a good Steem Representative.

As well as the actual content, the quality and clarity of how your post is presented will also be taken into consideration.

Application posts can be in any language. They should include the tag #steemreps2024 and your country tag in the first four tags.

Our target is to eventually have 40 Steem Representatives but they may not all be recruited in this round of applications if not enough suitable people apply.

Applications should be submitted by 11.59pm UTC, on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024.

We plan to announce the successful Steem Representatives by the end of March.

We hope the most talented and the most committed Steemians will apply to serve as Steem Representatives to help with the continued growth of the platform.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Cool. Any word about the ongoing issues?

Thank you steemitblog for the update.
So unfortunate I do not have up to the amount of steem power required. I will keep pushing!!

Success to all those who apply.

Try it out! I'm sure there is some leeway...

Wow! Ok I will..

Thank you for the encouragement and push

Thank you @steemitblog for this update, i will surely reapply for this opportunity.

@bossj23, you might want to do this. Surely, you meet the requirement.

I haven't. Still need to grow more and more

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Great news! I really wish the criteria was within reach, someday I would definitely meet the criteria...I wish every applicant the very best.

I am ready to continúe my duty on Steem!

凉爽的。关于 持续存在的问题有什么消息吗?

Caminemos juntos hacía el desarrollo y futuro de Steem. Estoy dispuesta a continuar como Representative Steem!

Is there any chance for new user for steem representatives?

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