UI Release 0.1.170121

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We are happy to announce the release of Steemit 0.1.170121!

Here are a few noteworthy key upgrades for your experience on

In-browser Push Notifications (with @-mentions support!)

We have a new push notification backend which allows for user mentions directly on your desktop. It supports the standard notifications as well as mentions and transfer alerts.

Your browser will ask for permissions. (Currently, only Chrome & Firefox are supported)

Improved search engine results for profile pages

Your profile page will now have greater visibility in search engine results. Your unique meta data is compiled from your username and profile fields. Steemians with detailed descriptions should see increased traffic via search engines.

Social Sharing

These refinements also trickle down to social sharing. For example, sharing your profile page on twitter will now contain your unique brand/profile data.

Happy Steeming!


This is what I like to see!

I think mentions should also be added on the top-right pull down menu, along with feed-blog-comments-replies etc, with their own red notification, for consistency.

These are awesome additions. Many thanks.

Why are people upvoting this comment? There is nothing to upvote. Use your votes better.

Noted. LoL Removing mine.

I flagged my own comment. Disagreement on rewards.

LOL and I insert this LOL very carefully given the comments here and shall UV no comments also but I shall insert a smiley at the risk of flag being thrown outside of chat environment . Noted.


@steemitblog the notification on my android is leading me to /undefined

The notifications are great. Mentions take you straight to the post!

This post is much better than last one. Good job.

Excellent! I just got a browser notification for a mention I would have otherwise missed. Much appreciated! :)

LOL I accidentally rejected to give steemit permission how do I enable it??

Changing the permission of browser notifications

In Firefox
Click the little circled (i) between the back button and the green lock.
Under Permission, click the X next to it to make it forget that.
When you reload Steemit's page, it will ask you again about permissions.

In Google Chrome / Chromium
Click on the green lock, find Notifications, and change its state to the preferred one.

If using chrome, click on the little "Secure" part that sits just to the right before the address bar in the browser.

In Microsoft's Edge or Internet Explorer, close the browser and load the page in decent Browser. :)

Notifications noted:

Now to test the profile meta data on social networks...

It's working :


Good work!

In-browser Push Notifications (with @-mentions support!)

That's a wonderful news. I didn't noticed the @-mention support stuff yet, which makes it even a better news! Thanks for pushing this development!

Testing notifications in nested comments: @the-ego-is-you

Edit: Works great even with nested comments.

Does it work in nested (deeper tier) comments as well? Maybe we can check?
For example, @andu do you get a message about this?

I did but on esteem as I'm afk

I see, can you test @ for me on @lemouth (if this didn't work) comment for example?

Nice work! The push-notifications are already coming in handy, thanks team!

I just allowed browser notifications. Nice work and to many more :)

Great work guys! Keep the updates coming!

Push notifications work for me to , nice work guys !

not fan of the search engine reference...

same as facebook and google+, can I opt out? Although this is a public space and a lot of people commit here, I haven't decided to go that path yet. So it might be a great feature for most but not everyone. As long as there is a setting somewhere to remove that, I am in.

Those data are public, therefore it is already searchable. Making this opt-out is only pseudo-privacy. When users don't want that people see information about them, just don't share them, ever. What is the meaning of sharing information to the public if you want to hide it?

Awesome infp. upvoted

this is a test,
CC: @noisy

pinging yourself ai? :):)
I hope it worked.

Neat, I was shocked when the little notification window came up today, I had to think about what was happening and then got a blog post out on right away

Nice job on this update and the new features.

Do you have a date when the browser push can be set aside if people wish and these notifications will be hard coded right into the Steemit blog platform/site itself?? I assume that is a plan LOL

Thanks for these great additions!

More wonderful additions to the platform! Keep up the amazing work steemit devs! I am so happy to be apart of this platform at this early stage!

Good job! Looking forward to more cool stuff to come! :D

THis is cool!

Now we are talking!

Excellent! Keep it up! :)

Thanks for new, awesome additions! I just tried out the push-warnings, and this will really help me stay connected with other users when I am not currently browsing on Steemit ;)

There are some instances of faulty links from the notifications. I think it has to do with nested comments

Great news, thanks for the improvement.

Release 0..1.170121? Catchy title...... ;-)

Excellent! This is COOL as perspective is complexring LMAO

Those are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!

Search engine results are very important also for the well-known brands, and life saver for unknown ones. I've seen many users while they were using G Search and typing facebook every times when they wanted to visit the site, instead of bookmarking it, or using the URL field at least. It's terrible to see, but makes me down-to-earth. We tend to think everyone aware of the basics and more, because we (the early adopters) are moves routinely in this field. But why we expect that the best cook knows how these things work?

Mention notification is a long waited feature. It's always good when something is built-in. I don't want to repeat myself, I could write the same reasons as above.
I used 3rd party service for that, and the built-in future will make it more widespread, which will generate more interactions for sure. (Abuses raise questions, though.)
Will we get a tab like Blog, Comments for mentions too?

I can imagine how much time do you have to answer the same questions everywhere – zero. So I made my last question into #1027 (for anyone who want to subscribe for that issue, or comment, discuss it). ;)

How do I turn off push notifications?

Thank you! It is very convenient for me.