UI Release 0.1.170111

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Today we are happy to share our latest features and bug fixes for your experience on

UI Version 0.1.170111

New Features

  • Strict checking of profile url #979
  • TagsIndex revamp #806
  • Parse block quote from text if preview text is rendered as comment #955
  • Prepend nested comments with dots #942
  • Welcome Page Copyedit Changes for #923
  • Update default wallet estimated balance tip message, update en and ru… #921
  • Add a last-minute check to ensure one phone per account #917
  • Add 3x support for thumbnail previews for post previews to remove fuz… #940
  • 914 user thumbnails #934
  • 915 resteem button feeds mobile #937
  • Add metadata to nsfw post summaries #956
  • Update verbiage for flag tooltip for distribution/rewards, update loc… #957

Bug Fixes

  • Fix phone verification issue #922
  • Fix translation issue on account recovery page #908
  • Patch route user #883
  • Fix account page 500 error #897
  • Comment edit bug 895 #954
  • Confirm clearing of post form. fix #970

Happy Steeming!

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I guess my grandma won't understand what this post are talking about. Try write something that can be published on a news paper or so? "Steemit came with new features! They're #806, #979, #883 and ..."

//Edit: for better PR, we can make a press release every time when we made a new product release.

Hilarious, I guess me and your grandma have something in common. I can not read this either.

I was reading the post with morning coffee and almost spit the coffee out when I read this comment and @codydeeds after it, because I was thinking the same thing! I was all "well thank god we got #979, I was against the whole #707 thing"

The numbers refer to issue numbers in our issue tracker:


Good Job!!
Thanks for all the work!

Thanks for the update:) I have had a few people asking me how to fix the phone verification issue and I didn't really have any suggestions other than using anonsteem or utilising the CLI wallet. Hopefully it won't be a problem anymore.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Indeed! Guiding newcomers through the steps of anonsteem was 100x harder than explaining to them the whole platform. (since they hadn't used bitcoin from before)


Well done Steemteam!

Thank you for the updates. Been great platform so far. Updates should make it much better.

Nice updates, but now I don't get the red notifications in the top right anymore :(

Good stuff! Thanks for all your hard work!

great news

Is the bug where upon posting a new blog only 4 tags are working properly and if a 5th is added it does not show in other categories?

Thanks for all your hard work! :-)

Well done, thank you Steemit team.

Awesome, thank for the hard work! I don't what all these things mean but I am going to trust that it is making steemit a better place, Great Job!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

@dan and @ned at work :)

"BRO, you spilled the batter everywhere"!.......
"Don't worry, I have a plan in the making; Just give me some time, you'll understand soon!"