Multi-language support for is here!

in #steemit4 years ago (edited) now supports multiple languages!

First and foremost: Thank You Translators

A big thank you to all of the translators who have helped translate into their native language!

Without the hard work of these amazing community members none of this would have been possible.

Our Awesome Translators

@roxane (fr), @sweetsssj (chinese), @gargon (sp), @wartrapa (sp), @pgarcgo (sp), @stella87s (italian), @charlesx (italian), @thenightflier (italian), @awesomianist (malaysian), @lemouth (fr), @bhuz (italian)

How it works

For non-logged-in users, automatically detects and displays the user’s language based on their browser settings. Logged in users have the option to toggle their language from within their profile settings page.

Five languages are currently supported: English, Spanish, Russian, French, and Italian. More languages are in the process of being added.

If you encounter any text that is not properly translated while you are browsing the site, we encourage you to submit an issue or pull request to the condenser GitHub repository:

How to help

Becoming a steemit translator is a great way to help grow your native language community. For, we use a specialized localization platform that allows us to do agile and continuous language support. This enables our current translators to spread the load. The more translators we get, the easier the task becomes for the individual translators.

Please e-mail [email protected] with the language you would like to help translate and you too can become a part of our international translation team that is helping to make a welcoming community for all!

World class multi-language support

The Steemit team views multi-language support for as a top priority, and these changes are only the beginning of our efforts toward that mission to offer a world-class experience to all users of the platform, regardless of their native language.

Our multi-language support has only just started, and we are looking forward to our platform supporting many diverse native languages!

Thanks again to our amazing translators, and of course … Steem on!

Team Steemit


Happy to support with German if you need more help with that.

Hattest Du damals irgendwas erreicht? Weil das Thema gerade wieder aufkommt ...

Nice addition!

What an amazing project! It's great to hear that you have made multi-language support one of your top priorities. I'd love to support the team with another language.
You've got a new email :-)

Yes I really like this project!

What about RTL support? Hebrew and Arabic still look awful on

I'll be happy to help translate it if someone can fix the alignment.

(self upvoted for visibility please don't flag me)

If you translate, alignment will come

If you help me git, I'll translate it in no-time.

I just... I am not a developer. I am just trying to bring some Israelis here. Give me a language file like has and I am all over that. You'll have the Hebrew translation in hours. It'll look like poop with the alignment off, though. Like it does on

I just joined to steemit and already working on Arabic Translation for the file you just mention. and will email the translation to [email protected]
@masrawy for Arabic

Just email [email protected] with the language you'd like to help translate and we'd be happy to add you into our system. It certainly does not require that you be a developer. It's simple and intuitive. Thanks for your interest!

Community Liaison, Steemit

Sent before you I noticed your reply.

Finally, thanks you!

Please don't forget to mention @asbear for Korean!

I love watching this platform evolve right infront of my eyes, i do however have one question ;
This will sort of relate to other social media platforms
Some have a button that translates what ever post you are viewing into your own language - perhaps that is something to look into, so that the language barrier is even thinner ; as i still read some posts that have english title and picture, although the post itself is in a different language .
This was something i ran into just the other day while scrolling through new posts and it had caught my attention that there was no translation on what looked to be a very informative post even though there was also some replies by the creator that were in english as well .

Just thinking out loud ; so to speak .

I have submitted the pull request for Chinese. I don't know why it's still pending.

This is a really good thing because I believe that the steemit platform is something that could really be huge if the rest of the world starts using it as well.

Anybody Gide me for using of streemit

Omg!!!! Whaaaaaaattt! This is amazing for everyone using steamit and has had trouble explaining what they want to say in their native language.

Please put the translation project to crowdin. I'm so exited to join as a translator, especially for Bahasa Indonesia. I'm waiting for the chance...😊

I would very much like to help on the cause...

Más que un saludo. La expresión de las personas o una sonrisa refleja el saludo ( claro eso es cuando el saludo es en forma personal ) siempre es bueno saber las palabras básicas de los idiomas más usados en el mundo. Holaaaaaa amigos de @stemitblog

This would be awesome to see some support for native American language translation options. Thank you! Hope you all have a great week/weekend.


It will be very useful and will support the growth of steemit.
Thank you

Great! I've sent an email to your given address about translation. I'm excited for the future of Steemit and Steem. This comment can be used as an confirmation of my email.

I can help with the Polish translations if you are planning to add it ;)

Great news

Really nice works.. It will help to grow this community bigger.. Non-English speakers people will be so much benefited.. I hope steemit will reach to new members more quickly!

What is Steemit plans for segregating content of a specific language? My suggestion would be to allow for showing content based a boolean tags filter like; #kr AND #bitcoin

thanks for translator they did hard work we appreciate them .. there will be urdu language ...??? wanna know

We can support any language for which we have translators. If urdu speakers who are also fluent in English email [email protected] we'd be happy to add them to our system and get translated into urdu!

Community Liaison, Steemit

that service is free or steem sill provide something ...? i mean if i come into this project ..

As I said, I am (partly) available to improve the existing translation that requires some fine-tuning! :)

Great !

By the way, we still need to improve a bit the french language ;-)
Also, why are our names written severals times ? :D

Capture d’écran 2017-11-28 à 21.57.52.png

Because you're twice as important! Just kidding, that's been fixed. Thanks for the heads up. To discuss specific matters relating to translations feel free to contact me on or e-mail [email protected]

@andrarchy, you know how to speak to me ;-)

I could help with Polish.

Wow, I’m so amazed by these wonderful development, kudos to these wonderful contributors and awesome translators:

@roxane (fr), @sweetsssj (chinese), @gargon (sp), @wartrapa (sp), @pgarcgo (sp), @stella87s (italian), @charlesx (italian), @thenightflier (italian), @lemouth (fr), @roxane (fr), @awesomianist (malaysian), @lemouth (fr), @bhuz (italian), @wartrapa (sp)

Thanks for sharing @steemitblog, please I’m interested, wishing to be part of the translators.

That's funny I am literally watching @sneak talk about this on Youtube right now :D

It would be cool if you could check in your preferences for different languages (e.g. English and German).
I just send a message to [email protected] for German.


Looking forward to see the portuguese language version. @andyluy @aleister @robertoueti @maxjoy @liliana.duarte @rmach

What a great service. There are such great people here, actually getting things done. You folks could teach the people I work with a thing or two.

haha, thanks! And sorry to hear that?

Community Liaison, Steemit

Hi @andrarchy
Please help me get this very important feature included in upcoming fork!
It will enable many products and services that are currently not possible.
Securitization of Steem Power!
Here is a github issue for it

I appreciate that you're trying to help improve the system but attempting to add features to an already planned HardFork is the wrong approach. If you would like to suggest changes to the blockchain you should start by lobbying the community and the witnesses, and with their support it can be considered for a future hardfork, but not one that is already planned. There is consensus around hardforks being carefully planned and very limited in scope with respect to features.

I am doing my best lobbying all who will listen and many said they support the idea, but it will take you guys at steemit inc to actually take it further and include it into the blockchain code. Hopefully this effort will not be ignored.

Thanks for letting us know!

Excellent. The language from the browser settings, as it should be.

This is amazing! I would love to help translate to Dutch. I sent you an email :).

Happy to help with the Dutch translation :)

I'm waiting for Polish language ;)

Don't wait! Make it happen! Send an email to [email protected] and offer to translate to polish. I'm doing it for Malay language too which would potentially open steemit to almost 400 million people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

This is awesome, it gives everyone the benefit to relate well with the site.

More than a greeting. The expression of the people or a smile reflects the greeting (of course that is when the greeting is personal) it is always good to know the basic words of the most used languages ​​in the world. Holaaaaaa friends of @stemitblog

Hello Team
I am having a blog with name "Crafter"
([email protected] sahni).
Iam an Indian and my country's National Language is "Hindi".

I will love to help the steem community in translating the Post from *English to Hindi" and Vice-versa.
Please tell me the procedure.
(Neha Sahni)

As the post said. Send an email to [email protected] and you'll be contacted. Thanks for offering to translate! Hindi gonna open up to soooooooo many people. India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh at least?

[email protected]
As u said I mailed at the address, twice but I didn't received any mail from the team yet
Can u help me with it

Thanks a lot Sir I'LL send the mail.

i would like to help translating steemit to arabic , are u on crowdin

great posts and information, idd some dutch steemit would be verry cool, greetings

Português! =)

thank you for support

this is really great, and i would really like to be a part of it. My native language is Bengali, and i'm quite good in English. If there's an opportunity to work on the Bengali language - I'd be more than happy to help.

Здравей ! Hallo in Bulgarian

I am fluent in Texan. I know a little Spanglish and can get by in redneck so send me anything that slips by interpretation yall!

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great work

Fantastic. This will really help with Steemit adoption abroad. I'd be curious to see a list of the languages currently in development.

Anyone have a clue about this?

A pleasure to work with you guys. Steem on!

Well done Steemit! This will bring many more users to Steemit. Many people that don't know english give up on Steemit because of it. This will resolve it bit by bit..

I will call for some Portuguese at my LinkedIn audience.


What about other international languages?? Like Arabic, Hindi, Urdu etc??

very informative post ..
thanks for sharing...
going to resteem this post..

awesome responses here ;-) I'm happy @ecoboss for Polish

one of the good think in steem is multy languages ...

perfect! will german follow soon?

I made a pull request for the french translation 27 days ago and it never got any interaction from you (or from anyone else on github for that matter). I guess I should send you an email then ?..

I'm referring to this pull request by the way :

I will definitely look into that! Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Community Liaison, Steemit


i could help with spanish, if you need it

Fantastic! I can help you to support Turkish language.

How about indonesian? I'll be happy to help translate it

Please e-mail [email protected] with the language you would like translate

Thank you @andrarchy , i have sent it

i can help you with if you need one, since you are helping me a lot to know about this what about that Bang @levycore ?

Truly making steem and Steemit a worldwide community. This is HUGE! Great work everyone!

He that is funny, seems our communication failed somehow. I made the Esperanto translation, but than never you came back, not to mention the promised rewards. Please tell me what is going on here.

I'm sorry we have never planned on having an esperanto translation nor promised any rewards for helping with one. If someone has told you otherwise I would very much appreciate learning who it is.

Ho ve! Sorry for that. Probably I mixed up something. It was the busy team, I guess, a while ago.
By the way, why not to translate into Esperanto?

Anyone can help translate the site into whatever language they wish by e-mailing [email protected] with the language they would like to translate. Our system only requires translators and a willingness to translate. It can handle any language

I would be willing to help with an Esperanto translation as well. Just sent my email! Thanks for the heads up, @andrachy!

Thanks @andrachy for the good news. I can help with Esperanto.

Great improvements , thanks to the dev team and translator’s

I want to posting with multi languages. I have to wait for Turkish and english

Mi sendos mesaĝon al via retadreso [email protected]
Mi volas kontribui

Cool need spanish, Great news

Wow, very nice, will german also be supported in the future?

@steemitblog Personally, I would like to bring the information about agriculture but now I feel stuck because I can not write my articles in English. no doubt a project like this on translation requires support, and on my part they will have it!
regards. STEEM ON !.

Thumbs up to those hard workers.

Good post! Visit our blog and see the latest news :D Greetings

Hey what is all this about?

I love the flexibility where it's auto detects language based on browser settings.
No need to push anybutton anywhere

Ready to help from the heart. I'll translate into Sinhala
E-mail sent

Becoming a steemit translator is a great way to help grow your native language community. ...... @steemitgirl11

Well I am new around here but I see no Slovenian translation atm, so if you people need any help with my language please just contact me, I am ready to help in my spare time.

That's great! Please e-mail [email protected] with "slovenian" and I'm sure we can add you to our system. Thanks!

Done :) now is time for sleep here :) GN

I posted this 6 days ago, I suppose I need to sync my GitHub with to make this auto-posted on GitHub, not really sure how it works:

SPANISH translation updated/reviewed: "Steemit (" ( version)

It is great to see that steemit grows and is getting better byproject like this. Keep it up. Great work.

brilliant move !!!

thanks for the awesome update.

My greetings to you and your great efforts deserve more appreciation
It is true that other languages must have a share in existence in the Stemite community
I salute the idea
Greetings to you @walidsalah

i like this project

Welcome in translations Team Steemit.

I already have done a lot of language–work on and wonder, what to do now. The first thing is to offer my translations to you, of course. As you like it, take all of them. There are a lot of translation–works on by testz as well.

Now Steemit occurs on stage, where all the actors are playing, following their own agendas.

May I take your translations for SteemWiki as well? In this case I will enter the team.

@steemitblog great idea! Resteemed! Thanks for it! Thanks @afrog for showing this treasure! Can’t wait till it works...;-) Steem on!

Great news global adoption here we come. I’m excited to see what comes out of this!

This is great news for many people who don't know english very well and because of it give up from Steemit. This will bring many new users to Steemit!

You can find Russian version of this post HERE

Русская версия тут

I woud love to have a german translation but with 400 active useres... i will wait for it and share my stuff on every network to rais the number

This is a genuinely awesome addition, exciting stuff.

Oh.. great news! :)

Ow it's really amazing for steemit user.I am really exited about come on multi language.

Awesome! I'll be emailing you soon, I'd love to help.

This is excellent and really showcases what the values of steem are.

I need Turkish language. Maybe you could help.

Hello to everyone. I have a request from you. I am a student who is studying in college and I need the money to study. so I want to improve my English and make money by writing letters on this site. I will use this money for my education. I am very happy if you support me. thanks everyone.

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