LINK THE FUTURE - TRON Ecosystem Virtual Conference 2020

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The 2020 TRON Ecosystem Virtual Conference is being held on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020.


It will include keynote presentations from Justin Sun, Founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, and a whole range of leading industry experts. Justin will be speaking at 13:00 UTC.

The conference will also feature the launch of BitTorrent X - an ecosystem comprising BTFS, the BitTorrent apps, the BitTorrent token (BTT), and DLive.

Elizabeth Powell, Managing Director of Steemit, Inc will be giving a presentation about what is happening on the Steem platform. This presentation will be starting at 14:15 UTC.


The conference will have a Chinese stream running from 11:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC, and an English stream from 13:00 to 21:00 UTC.

The event will go out live on DLive(, YouTube(, and Periscope( for the English stream, and on 一直播, 火星财经, 金色财经, TokenClub for the Chinese stream.

Details of all the speakers at the Link The Future conference can be found on the Tron Foundation’s Twitter feed…

We hope you will all come along to watch this special event.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team


This is great news, and it's really nice to see a representative from the Steemit Team being given such an important spotlight during such a highly motivating event. Sharing the same stage with Justin Sun will further bring attention to this ever-growing Steemit Community.

I'd also like to take this moment to publicly thank Justin Sun, the Tron Foundation and the Steemit Team for having had a genuine interest in investing in the betterment of this unique blockchain (Steem) with our unique app (Steemit). Since the acquisition of Steemit by the Tron Foundation, we have seen nothing but positive growth on all levels, bar none! I sincerely hope there is a huge virtual turnout, both live and archived, and that we learn some fascinating things about the future of Steem, Tron, Steemit, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology! Wishing you all the best!

Would be interesting to watch ^^

Nice! Would try my best to be there!

Undy's BACK, and interested in what's UP!

I can't wait for it!

This is good news for us and we are ready to watch this event

Thank you so much for sharing the good news @steemitblog
I wish tron get more success and spread happiness.

Sounds interesting to have a watch :)

Kami akan akan menonton acara ini. Tidak sabar menanti 👍👍

It is sure to be a great publication. Elizabeth Powell hasn't used her personal steemit account (@EliPowell) a long time. In Steemit's current team? Will you be informed about this?

I'm new in Crypto world. I will try my best to join the stream to increase my knowledge about Crypto.

We will keenly follow this event.

Thank you.

Congratulations, I'll see if DLive, YouTube or Periscope have a Spanish translation

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Must watch me for me!

I look forward to this event

This is going to be exciting. Thank you, can't wait to join and watch.

This is going to
Be exciting. Thank you, can't
Wait to join and watch.

                 - joebabana

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

lol. sorry bot, but it wasn't. You'll need a little more re-training.

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Thank you for sharing the event details.

Actually, I was waiting for something like this to join.

I am much excited.

I am watching it

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ok thanks, i will tr to join.. Found this post late and so i have a meeting on this time...

It will be great to hear from the founder of TRON as well as the leaders of Steemit.

Thank you.

this will be really cool and interesting..!

Thank you for such important information, we will be pending. Blessings.

We will surely follow along with interest and see what our great leaders have in store for Steem and other amazing projects. We can't wait. @steemitblog. Resteemed.

It is really a good news. Thank your for sharing this event.

I am having trouble finding my Passwords and stuff for the tronlink wallet,
I need a tutorial on making this stupid thing work, I'll have to get it done soon so my Tron does not jsut get burned in a dead wallet

please help!

having all kinds of trouble with this!!!


First of all, lost tronlink password will not lead to TRX loss. keep the private key of your tron address safe, then your TRX will be safe.

I guess you are using the Tronlink Chrome extension, right? if yes try the below steps:

  1. remove tronlink extension from chrome. type "chrome://extensions" in the address bar, you can see all your extensions.
  2. Install the tronlink extension again.
  3. Import the private key of your Tron address again. it will require you to set a new password.

I am having trouble finding my Passwords and STUFF for the tronlink wallet...

Never got the other schizznit
No Private Key, no seed nothing

Tronlink is working with my old wallet
I would have linked that to Steem, but
no info was found to do it. ‍♂️

I am guessing my phone did not save the PDF, I found where those files are.
Fortunately it's just a little TRX. I will be fine if the wallet I connected gets my next Tron PaymentS!!!

I look forward to learning more!

Sound amazing.
I am so excited.

This is a very good opportunity to learn directly from the bosses... It'll be a source of inspiration for Newbies like myself.

This is cool.
Will really be interested to watch.
Thanks for the information.

I will be looking forward to this great event.

Many good things are to come.


Cómo me gustaría que alguien publicara una síntesis de esa presentación ya que no será transmitida en español

Que gran e interesante noticia, aunque por lo que leí, no habrá una traducción en español en vivo. Sin embargo estoy segura que la información se difundirá y alguna estrategia aplicaran nuestros representantes de #pais. Saludos @steemitblog


@steemitblog, Future is what we make. Looks like exciting times ahead. Keep expanding and keep growing. Stay blessed team.

Dang I missed this. Please post a recording

The managing director of steemit, elizabeth powell is really beautiful... First time to see your face ma'am.

I missed this event😞

Could you tell me if anyone knows what happened to !!

It has been shifted from .com to .net visit

Sounds interesting

because there are so many people who will contribute in the utopian way like before

@steemitblog, I realize that the TRX being claimed as reward today didn't reflect in my TRX wallet

Same here. I think the last one was almost two days ago.

Same Here. I didn't receive my claimed TRX yesterday, and same thing today aswell. Seems it's a general issue.

Hello there. Is there a problem with receiving Tron on Steem? It seems there's an issue. Haven't received any Steem since the last 1 and a half day

very good looks interesting.

Hello, I ran into an issue today when claiming my rewards. I never received my 7 tron from my most recent blog. Please look into this, it's been a few hours. I thought it was just delayed.

excellent, that there be an instructive conference on these cryptos

#steemit I hope you don't mind, I found @EliPowell giving this talk on YouTube.

Hello guys! Don't you know where I can find any links to the record of this event?

Am really so happy with the development and I promise to come and watch the event because it will be interesting

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